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They tie, putting the bag over the pot's (drum's) mouth.[2] Then they tie on the sinew. And they pull the drum's siirface tight; for they wish that the drum may sound, when they beat the drum.

The men will tie springbok ears upon their feet;[3] they will dance, while the springbok ears sound, as springbok ears are wont to do, like what we call dancing rattles. Springbok ears (they) are; we call them dancing rattles. They sound well, when we have tied (them) on to our feet. They sound well, when we have tied (them) on to our feet. They sound well, they rattle as we dance, when we have tied (them) on to our feet. The drum which the women beat sounds well. Therefore, the men dance well on account of it, while they feel that the drum, which the women beat, sounds well. The dancing rattles which the men tie upon their feet sound well, because a woman who works nicely is the one who has worked them. Therefore, they sound nicely, beeause they are good. Therefore, they sound nicely, because they are good.

[1. For a drawing of the dancing rattles see illustration.

2. A springbok's bag. They wet the skin of the springbok's thigh; then, when it is wet, they tie it over the pot's mouth and they try the drum.

3. Their insteps.]


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