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The Birth of Abraham (PUH)
It is mentioned that Nimrod had an astrologer, and once he said to him (to Nimrod): I see by calculating the positions of the stars that a man will be in your land and work on changing the religion to some other religion than yours, so then Nimrod said to him: in what land shall that be? So he answered: in this land, and he is not born yet, so then Nimrod said: we must separate men and women, and so he did and the mother of Abraham was pregnant but her pregnancy was not of clear appearance, and when the time had come for her to give birth she said to her husband Terah: I want to be alone and hide, and every woman at that time used to hide whenever she gets pregnant because of the cruel rule. Nimrod appointed a woman for every pregnant wife, so whenever she gives birth to a male he gets killed, and whenever she gives birth to a female then she is safe, so mother of Abraham escaped away when it was the time for her to give birth and entered a cave far away from people's sights and she gave birth, and she used to check him up whenever she gets the chance to, and she used to block the cave's enterance with rocks, and God took care of him and protected him against their evils. It was mentioned that he used to grow up in one day as would someone else grow up in a month, so he stayed there in the cave for thirteen years, so when he got old that much he got out of the cave and couldn't bear it anymore, and when his mother came he caught her clothes and said to her: I must go out and see people, and so on until he got out with her and she said to him: if the king knew about you and you are born at this time he is going to kill you, but he didn't care and got out and then she brought him to his uncle Azar. It might be that Terah after the birth of Abraham and while he was there in the cave, died and fate judged for his mother to be in the house of Azar and a wife for him and she gave birth to children for him and he got also children from others, and only God knows.
Abraham left the cave after the sunset and darkness was all over the place, and he knew that people are worshipping idols and Azar and all the people in his house except for his mother are idolators as well, so he hated that and refused it and denied worshipping the idols. Then he saw an apparent star in the sky and it was Venus, so he said: this is my God, but when it disappeared he said: if it was my God indeed it won't disappear, and then said: I don't love things that set. Then he looked to the east and saw the moon so he said: this is my God, this is bigger, but when it moved and disappeared he said:
Unless my Lord guide me, I surely shall become one of the folk who are astray. Then when it was the morning time and the sun rose and he saw its glance and light all over earth, he then said: this is my God, it is bigger and greater, but when it moved and disappeared, God then made him to see the throne and the kingdoms of heavens and earth and inspired him and guided him and filled his hearth with galo and he knew that this universe has a Creator, so then he said: O my people! Lo! I am free from all that ye associate (with Him), Lo! I have turned my face toward Him Who created the heavens and the earth, as one by nature upright, and I am not of the idolaters(Al-An`âm:78-79).
And when his mother brought him to her home and made a place for him between her children and his uncle Azar knew about him he said: who is that that still alive while the king kills all the males? So his mother said: this is my son and I gave birth to him at the time of so and so. Then Azar said to her: If the king knew about it he will be so mad and we'll be not in such a high place, and Azar was in fact a man of a high place under the rule of Nimrod and was his minister, and he used to give the idols for his children to sell it. So then Abraham's mother said: do not worry, if the king did not know about it he will stay with us and if he knew about it I will not make you to defend him, and Azar used to love Abraham so much whenever he looks at him and used to give him the idols to sell them as his children do.
It is mentioned also that Abraham (PUH) used to tie a rope in the necks of the idols and drags them over the ground and say: who would buy what harms him and give no benefits, and used to drop them in water and ask them to talk as to mock at them and as an insult for them and for whoever worships them, so his brothers mentioned that to their father Azar and that was so great for him so he warned him and threatened him to stop that, but he did not stop so he kept him at home and didn't let him go out. Then the people of Abraham and his relatives had a debate with him so then he said:
Dispute ye with me concerning Allah when He hath guided me ?(Al-An`âm:80). They mentioned (PUT) [meaning: the Household PUT] that he was born in the first day in the month of Ðul-Hijjah [the 12th month in the lunar calendar for Muslims and the month of pilgrimage], and they say that he lived for one hundred and fifty seven years and buried in his current site in Al-Khaleel (Hebron) in Palestine.

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