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(Crying of Adam PUH for paradise)

It was told that Adam (PUH) cried for paradise until it was like great rivers on his cheeks because of tears, and he stood at the door of Kaba and his clothes were of the skins of cows and camels and said: O Lord help me with my mistake and Make repentace upon me and Let me back into the place that I were in. Then said God, the Exalted one: I helped you, and Made repentace upon you and I will let you back in the place that I got you out from. It is doubtless that what we understand and everyone with the right mind would understand as well that the paradise that Adam is asking his Lord to be back into is the paradise of eternity, and it was the place that he were in and got out from, and the clue to that is the tidings about him viewing the place (level) of Muhammad, 'Ali, Fâtima, Al-Hasan and Al-Husain (PUT) and that he saw their names written on the corners of the Throne and it was told that the Throne is the roof of paradise as mentioned in Hadith, and it is behind heavens and its roof is the Throne.
to that, the words of revelation that Adam received from his Lord and Relented toward him were of Muhammad and his Household (PUT) and His Holy saying "fulfilled them"(Al-Baqarah: 124) meaning until Al-Qâ'im Al-Mahdi from the Household of Muhammad (PUH), they are the twelve Imams adding the nine descendants of Al-Husain (PUT).
Also mentioned that the words that Adam received from his Lord are His Holy saying "Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves..etc"(Al-A'raf: 23) and also mentioned they are the prayer of the prophet (PUH): O praise be to You my Lord and Thanks..etc [This is a line from a prayer that seems famous but I didn't get to know], and other things had been mentioned also but the probability that all of that is true is not impossible, but the most common base is what was mentioned by the purified masters that the words that was received were their names (PUT). As supported by Al-Mofadhal ben 'Omar he said: Abu 'Abdullah Al-Sâdiq (PUH) said: God, the Exalted,  may praise be to Him, created the souls before the bodies by two thousands, and Made the higher of them and the most honourable are these of Muhammad, 'Ali, Fâtima, Al-Hasan and Al-Husain, and the rest of the Imams after them (PUT), and Showed them to the heavens and earth with mounts and their lights covered them all, then God did say to the heavens and earth with the mounts: these are my judges and rulers over my creations, for them and for these who follow their path I made My paradise, and for these who oppose them I made My hell, and whoever claims their position from Me and their greatness I would torture him like I did not Do to anyone else, and whoever agreed to be loyal to them and never claimed their position I shall Let him be with them in paradise, and being loyal to them is a fidelity to be taken by My creation..etc. It is a long speech where he mentioned their virtues and the goodness that would be to these who would be loyal to them and the damnations on whoever take them as a foe and took over their rights and helped others over them and whoever does this, God Prepared for him the shame and torture. Also in it there is a warning for these who wishes for their places, and that when Adam and Eve (PUT) got down to earth, Gabriel (PUH) came to them and guided them to ask their Lord by the right of the names that they saw on the leg of the Throne to Relent toward them, so then they said: O Lord we ask You by the right of the closest to You, Muhammd and 'Ali and Fâtima and Al-Hasan and Al-Husain and the Imams after them to Relent toward us and Have mercy upon us, so then God relented toward them. All the prophets after that kept this fidelity then and advised their viceroys and the loyals of their nations so they denied to claim it for themselves and never forgot about it, and whoever's soul might get sick and get wicked by his demons to put himself in such place, damnations he will get from God and torture, and for this God, the Exalted, did say "Lo! We offered the trust unto the heavens and the earth and the hills, but they shrank from bearing it and were afraid of it. And man assumed it. Lo! he hath proved a tyrant and a fool"(Al-Ahzab: 72).
And it is never thought of Adam (PUH) being one of these who wished for their place and so he would be one of these who took their rights, but No and Never. But what is meant by the previous Holy phrase in "man assumed it" is assuming this trust (fidelity) without any right for doing this, as it is mentioned by some famous wisemen with little difference between each tale (explanation), "Those who do wrong will come to know by what a (great) reverse they will be overturned!"(Al-Shu'arâ': 227) [This paragraph was shortened by the overall meaning translation]
It is told by the holy prophet (PUH) that when Adam (PUH) did the sin, a call came from the Throne
towards him saying: O Adam, leave My vicinity, because no one stays in and refuses My commandment, then Adam did cry and the Angels cried with him, then God sent him Gabriel to get him down to earth with blackened face, then when Angels did see that cried loudly and lamented and said: O Lord, a creation You did Create and Breathed in it by Your Spirit and Made Your Angels prostrate before him, so You did Change his whiteness to blackness with one sin? Then a call came toward him from heavens: O Adam, fast for your Lord this day, and it was the thirteenth day of the month, and one third of the blackness was removed from Adam (PUH), then he was called again in the fourteenth day to fast for Lord and so two thirds of the blackness went out, and then called again in the fifteenth day to fast and so he did and all of the blackness went out, and for this these days were called "Al-Ayam Al-Beedh" (The White Days) in which Adam retained his whiteness, then a called from heavens called him: O Adam, these three days I made for you and your descendants and whoever fasted these three days from each month he would be as if he had fasted all of his life.
From the explanation of Al-Imam Al-'Askiri (PUH) in his explanation of God's saying "but come not nigh this tree..etc"(Al-Baqarah: 35), that it is the tree of wisdom of Muhammad and his Household that God made it for them only and it was for them only in special and no one would eat from it except them, and they were eating from it after they fed the wretch, the orphan and the prisoner and the revelation of the chapter of Al-Dahr [Also called Al-Insân. Al-Dahr means The Life and Al-Insân means The Man] about them with the agreement of all interpreters, and so they did not feel any hunger, thirst, nor tiredness after they ate from it. It is a tree that was not like any tree in paradise and carried many charactersitics and has lot of different types of wheat, grape, fig and the rest of fruits, and this is why many interpreters did interpret the type of this tree in many ways, so some of them said it is the wheat and others said it is the grape and so on, so God did say: come not nigh this tree, meaning you will be seeking the place and level of Muhammad and his Household and their virtues, and this is something that God made so special for them only, and it is the tree that whoever eats from by the will of God, he would be inspired with the knowledge and wisdom of those of old and those of later time without any need to learn. This speech and its contents is not a weird because of what was mentioned about the rights of the Household (PUT) before.
And then if you meditate fairly and neglected the partisanship and the love of the self, and looked with the eye of your heart to what was mentioned for 'Ali and the Household of 'Ali by the special and the normal people, and asked these of thoughts and fair of your wisemen about the place and level of 'Ali and the Household of 'Ali and their knowledge and what God made them special with from virtues and true characteristics, you would win the great luck and the happiness of the two lifes [meaning this life and the after-life] and you would know that they are the top of all creatures and they are the path to the God, and their knowledge is not taken by someone else but was given by God, the Exalted, and by the prophet (PUH) in a special position that no one else would be able to count and limit (the knowledge). Look to all what the wisemen of Islam agreed on about the rightness of what was mentioned that the holy prophet (PUH) taught 'Ali one thousand doors of knowledge, from each each door there is one thousand doors are opened to him. Meditate about this and what does it mean and what is wanted by it, and do not take it easy and lose.
Their knowledge is not compared by their age, but it is all equal to whatever age they are, and whoever took a look into their lives and history would know that fact clearly. Their hearts never stop praising God, and they know the most about what people need in their lives, rules and laws, and the disciplines of all the heavenly religions of rules and laws, worshippings and policies as revealed in its truthful state.
Nothing is hidden from them about what people and artists did make of industries, careers, tiniest inventions and the weirdest sciences to the fullest and they know more than its inventors in these inventions and nothing of what mankind did make would be out of their knowledge by the care of God, the Exalted, and His inspiration, because they are the rulers by God over His creations by whatever means this word would be understood, and whoever would deny this would be of incomplete faith, and there are clues and prooves that cut out the road for the opponent and narrow his way, and they have the knowledge of troubles and what happened or what will happen until the doomsday, add to that the knowledge of the Islamic laws as it was revealed on their grandfather the Chosen [meaning the prophet] (PUH), and 'Ali is the one who tells about himself the holiness and he's the most truthful sayer after God, the Exalted and His chosen prophet (PUH) when he said: in here (and pointing to his holy chest) a great knowledge, if only I can find someone to bear it. He said also (after he swore by God): I've become to know a secret that if I told you about you would be diffused as the robes of buckets in the far distant wells. And he's the sayer also: I know what are in heavens and earth and I know what is in paradise and hell, and i know what was and what will be..etc. He said also: ask me before you lose me, and a lot more of the same sayings and what was been told about his rights by the holy prophets (PUH) is not countable and one of the most famous speeches for him (PUH): if I wasn't just afraid that you would say in 'Ali like what the christians said about Jesus the son of Mary, I would say something that would make you take the sand from beneath his feet. And from him (PUH) speaking to 'Ali: O 'Ali, no one loves you but a believer, and no one hates you but a hypocrite, and so the love of 'Ali is faith and his hate is hypocrisy. Could anyone count his virtues and miracles?, here is Nahj Al-Balâghah in front of you, meditate through it and it will guide you through, and how many times they did the books and detailed his virtues and miracles and Ahmad ben Hanbal [an Islamic wiseman or scholar that created a creed in Islam known by his name] did show a lot of these [Nahj Al-Balâghah: a famous book that collects lot of 'Ali ben Abi Tâlib's speeches, it is a great source for anyone that would like to see the magic of Arabic tongue, for 'Ali ben Abi Tâlib was and still one of the greatest personnes that bore the great knowledges of the Arabic language].
Al-Shâfi'i [another scholar that created another creed] did make poems about him ('Ali PUH), add to that me also [the autho
r of this book], and also Ibno Abi Al-Hadeed Abdul-Hameed, and Abdul-Bâqi Al-Omari and others. The wiseman Al-Hilli issued a book that he called "Kitab Al-Alfayn" (Book of the two thousands) that contained two thousands clues by logic and by chained speeches for that 'Ali being an Imam and protected against the wrong doings and the same for his eleven descendants one by one until the last of them Al-Mahdi the awaited absent, may our souls be a ransom to him. It is not a speech to show their virtues and their levels, however, but it was necessary to show this in this position.

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