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Conditions of Edrees (Enoch) The Prophet PUH

He is Edrees (Enoch) ben Lud ben Mahalaleel ben Cainan ben Enosh ben Seth ben Adam PUH, and the name of Edrees in Hebraic torah is Khanookh and in Arabic it is Akhnookh, and Edrees was a man of great abdomen and wide chest, his steps are close together when he walks as mentioned in 'Elal Al-Sharaye' [a book's name], it is mentioned also from his characteristics that he was a man of a complete build and pretty face with a heavy beard and nice face-curvatures with wide shoulders and large bones and not so much meat with glancing black eyes, slow talker and silent most of the time and calm and when he walks he looks to the ground a lot, meditating a lot and had some frawning and whenever he becomes angry he moves his index finger while talking and he lived on earth for eighty two years.
He was called Edrees because of his enourmous studies in the Holy Books [Daras in arabic means he studied, Edrees means the one who studies a lot] and whatever was in them from laws and wisdom and he was the first to write with a pen and he was a tailor and was the first to sew, and it was said that God taught him the sciences of Astrology and Mathematics and Astronomy, and that was as a miracle for him, and that God's saying "And We raised him to high station"(Maryam: 57) it meant that he was raised in levels with God's messages, and it was said that he was raised to heaven as Jesus the son of Mary (PUT) and he is still alive and did not die, and others said that he is raised in between the fourth and the fifth skies as mentioned by Al-Bâqir (PUH), and other things were said also.
From Al-Hâfith ben Kaþeer in Al-Bidâyah wal-Nihâyah [seems a book's name]: he was (Enoch) the first one from the descendants of Adam to get the prophecy after Adam and Seth (PUT), and it is mentioned in Muruj Al-Ðahab [book's name] as mentioned before that he was the first one to sew with a needle and make stiches and God revealed upon him thirty books as God revealed upon Adam (PUT) twenty one books before and revealed upon Seth twenty nine books including the praisings and sanctifications, and he (Enoch) lived whatever he lived and died in September, and from Ibn Mas'ud and Ibn 'Abbâs that Elijah is Edrees (Enoch)!
People differ in the place of his birth and growing so some said that he was born in Egypt and called him Hermes Al-Haramisah [could't transform this to modern English] and he is in Greek Ermes [notice that Hermes is prnounced in Greek as Ermes, since the H letter functions like E in Greek] and was Arabicized to Hermes and Ermes means for them Mercury, and they said: and Hermes got out of Egypt and went around all of the earth and came back to it and from there he was raised to heavens..etc, and some others said that he was born in Babylon in Iraq and there he grew up, and in his early age he was taught the wisdom of Seth the son of Adam and he is the grandfather of his father's grandfather, because Enoch is the son of Lud ben Mahalaleel ben Cainan ben Enosh ben Seth apprently and when Enoch had grown up God gave him the prophecy so he ordered the people to follow the path of Adam and Seth and forbid them to refuse the commandments but only few of them did follow him so he got hurt by those who refused him from the bad people, so then he travelled to Egypt and he settled there with whoever was with him and calling the creations to follow his religion and the religion of his purified fathers and orders for the good of deeds and forbids the bad manners.
People in his days talked with seventy two tongues and God taught him their cultures and languages so he can teach every people by their own tongue, and he drew for them the cities and made in every city scientists and guiders to the obedience of God and order for goodness and forbid the badness, so the cities that was built at his time counted to be one hundred and eighty eight, and he was the first to manipulate the wisdom and astrology as pointed before, and they mentioned lot of his conditions, and in summary what he called the believers to according to his religion and in acceptance by his laws as some say was that: calling for the religion of God, the Exalted, and it is the calling for goodness and forbidding the badness, and the base for the righteousness of deeds is unifying God, the Exalted, and never to call someone else with Him, because He is the Ever-Lasting One, that never Give birth nor Born and Does not have a mate and no one rewards Him, and the worshipping of God sincerely, and doing good for people and justice and saying the truth even upon yourself, and purifying the money by helping the poor, and avoiding the intoxicant liquors and praying and fasting with a special way and counted days, and fighting the enemies for the protection of the religion and calling out for this and taking of it, and for the souls and honour and fortunes with all might and power, and he (Enoch) also made some festivals for them at certain times and so on of traditions and jobs and works and a-must-do doings and doings that aren't compulsory as it is in every heavenly-revealed laws, and promised his people for prophets to come after him, and told them the characteristics of the prophet and his specialities and one of them is that he is innocent from all bad manners and deeds and the bad characteristics, complete in beloved virtues and do not hesitate in his duties nor in answering any question that he might be asked concerning the matters of after-life or living or other things that relates to religion or whatever is seen or heard either it is earthly or heavenly or whatever behind these worlds from the after-life worlds like Barzakh [the life of the dead in his grave where he is judged] or Al-Qiyama (doomsday) or Al-Nâr (hell) and whatever was related to them even in general or whatever it is related to the bodies and their ills and medicines, and he must be answerable by God for whatever he asks from Him and he asks only whatever has the benefit for the race and the individual for the goodness of life and after-life.
He must be infallible and far away from doing wrong-doings and leaving duties, because the prophet and his viceroy that would take care of matters after him that was chosen by God for the most honourable jobs and the most high of them must be purified and of right wisdom and has abundance in knowledge and complete with many of the completeness characteristics and his innocence of bad habits and needless of help from any creatures, and needs nothing but God, the Exalted, so he never issues a guilt nor a mistake either small it is or big one, neither before prophecy or after it, either in childhood or manhood, and the one who chose him for this job, and He is God, Knows that, and He had appointed him for this job since the world of atoms, the world of creating the souls, and that is before the creation of Adam (PUH) by two thousands years, and he must be distinguished from other creatures by that and also his viceroy who stands in his position, and this is the situation of every prophet and messenger, check back the introduction of the book where the infalliblity of the prophets (PUT) is mentioned, and still the faithful from the nation of Enoch applying that regime and regulations and whatever was revealed in that sacred religion, until Enoch was raised from between them and no one knows about it except God, the Exalted, and his relatives and his viceroy after him, his son Methuselah [Arabic: Matushaleh]
And this must be in every religion as the people of wisdom and religion know very well, and it is told that their destination in their worshipping and prayers and so on, was to the south on the line of midday, and it is probably that it was for these who were to the north of Mecca, because it was the destination for Adam (PUH) and whoever came after him until the time of Enoch (PUH).
And I don't see any of the prophets and viceroys and who believed in them and their religions that would have changed that until the time of Solomon the son of David (PUT), for their destination were to the Holy Mosque in Jerusalem until it was changed by our prophets Muhammad ben 'Abdullah (PUH) to the Holy House and it is the Holy Ka'ba in honourable Mecca. This is what is apparent for us, and God knows the best.
And from Ja'far ben Muhammad Al-Sâdiq (PUH) that he said: if you entered Kufa then come to the mosque of Sahlah and pray in it and ask God for your needs for your faith and your life, because the mosque of Sahlah is the house of Enoch in which he used to sew and pray in, and whoever asked God for what he likes and wants he would be answered and be raised to a high place at doomsday at the level of Enoch (PUT) and shall be protected from the troubles of life and the tricks of his enemies..etc.
From the trusted and whom we trust in that Enoch (PUH) is the grandfather of the father of Noah (PUH) because as we mentioned before that after Enoch came his son Methuselah and then Lamech [Arabic: Lâmik] then Noah (PUH). And Al-Mas'udi mentioned in Muruj Al-Ðahab: The age of Enoch was three hundreds years, and the wisemen of Greece call him Hermes the wise..and so on of what we mentioned before.

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