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Escaping The Plague
In the interpretation of `Ali ben Ibrâhim about God's saying: Bethink thee (O Muhammad) of those of old, who went forth from their habitations in their thousands, fearing death, and Allah said unto them: Die; and then He brought them back to life. Lo! Allah is a Lord of Kindness to mankind, but most of mankind give not thanks(Al-Baqarah:243), and that is there was a plague in the lands of Shem (Canaan) in some villages and districts, so many people went out of there for their fear and escaping the plague and they all went out to a desert far away and they all died in one night and they remained there until that their bones would be pushed away from the road by the feets of travellers, then God resurrected them and sent them back to their homes and lived then after for long time until they buried each other, this is what was told in Tales of Prophets for Al-Jazâ'iri. In it also reported by Al-Bâqir (PUH) and Al-Sâdiq (PUH) about God's saying "Bethink thee (O Muhammad) of those of old, who went forth from their habitations in their thousands..etc" they (PUT) said: they are the people of one of the towns in the lands of Shem from the Israelites, and they were seventy thousand families and the plague used to strike them for now and then, and when they feel it, the rich people would go out of the town and the poor people remained for their weakness, so death would perish those who stayed, so those who went out would say: if we stayed we would be doomed by now, and those who stayed would say: if we just went out we wouldn't have so much dead people among us, so they all agreed that next time when plague reaches the town they all shall go out of the town, so when they felt that the plague is near they all went out fearing death, and they wandered in the lands until they reached a ruined town that was perished by the plague before so they settled in it and then God said to them: Die all of you, so they all died and turned to bones, and then a prophet passed by that was called Hazqeel (Ezekiel), and when he saw them he cried and said: O Lord, if You want You would resurrect them at once, so God resurrected them for him.
In a narration for Al-Sâdiq (PUH): the day of Nayruz [a persian holiday at the beginning of spring] is the day when God resurrected those who went out of their lands in thousands fearing death, and God said to them: Die, and then He resurrected them, and this is because a prophet asked his Lord to resurrect the people who went out from their lands, and then they died by their appointed time..etc, and in that narration also mentioned that God inspired to him to pour some water on them, and so he did and they lived, and they were thirty thousand, so pouring water at the day of Nayruz became a usual habit that none knows its reason except of those who are in deep knowledgement, and the day of Nayruz is the first day of spring in every year, and the prophet that resurrected them by permission of God is Ezekiel (PUH) as mentioned before and his name was mentioned in lot of narrations, and there might be lot of occasions with others than him, and the repetition of stories with being different each time from each other is possible, because the number in some stories is seventy thousand and in others it is thirty thousand, and what is understood from such narrations is that it is not allowed to escape from the plague, because destiny is something written and it is of no use to escape from death.
But there are many tidings that order people to escape from the plague, yes and there is a prophetic narration (Hadith) that tells: escaping from the plague is like escaping from the invasion, and it is reported that Al-Sâdiq (PUH) answered about that that it was mentioned about some people in their headquarters in the face of the enemy and if they had escaped from the plague then the enemy would takeover the land of muslims, so this is a special case and it is not to be measured with and it is not a base to work with and oppose others. For Ezekiel, the prophet that God resurrected by his hand thousands of death people, lot of amazing tidings and strange conditions, and it is mentioned that Dâwud (David) the owner of the Zabur (book of psalms) (PUH) went into a cave in Jerusalem and he found there Ezekiel (PUH) worshipping his Lord and his skin was dried out upon his bones, so he said the peace, and he answered: I hear a voice of someone satisfied and soft, who are you? He said then: I am David, then he (Ezekiel) said: the one who has that much of women and that much of maids (and he mentions numbers)? He answered: yes, while you are in such agony, then Ezekiel said to him: I am not in agony, and you are not into gifts, until we both go into paradise. As reported by Abu-Hamza Al-Þumâli from Al-Bâqir (PUH) he said: when the king of the coptic people went out to knock down the temple in Jerusalem, all people gathered around Ezekiel and complained about it, he then said: maybe I will speak to my Lord tonight, so when it was night then he prayed to his Lord and then God inspired to him: I've abandoned them before you and doomed them, and then God inspired to the angel of air to hold their breathes, and so he did and all of them were dead, so then in the morning Ezekiel went to his people and told them about the doom of their enemy, and they went out to look at them and they found them dead. They say that Ezekiel got surprised and said to himself: what virtues Solomon ben David the prophet had and I'm given such thing like this? He (Al-Bâqir PUH) said: then he got an ulcer in his liver and he got annoyed for it, so then he prayed to God and humiliated himself in front of God and sat on ashes so then God inspired to him: take the fig and rub your chest with it, and so he did and the pain went out, and maybe the rubbing of chest with the fig was with the green fresh branch of it, or it might be the fruit itself and only God knows.

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