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In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Introduction of The Second Edition I did not expect when I started to write my book (The prophet, their lifes and tales) that it would be so famous and hands will try to get it from the press before it becomes available in the markets, although I did not come up with a miracle. But all what I was able to do is to show a complete summary for the lives of some of the prophets and their tales which was written with lot of mistakes sometimes and fabricated in other times, so my style was easy and simplified to be fit for all levels, and that had the good effects over the readers and this is what I thanked God for, and after a while all the copies were sold out from markets although it was printed in the offset without a previous permission and we had a tale with them, and inspite all of that we got lot of requests to re-print it with some fixes and corrections, so we answered the call of "Al-Tawjeeh Al-Islami" press, for they publish the islamic book away from the benefits. May God help these who run it.
Then I ordered our son, the scholar, Mr. Muhammad 'Ali Al-Hasani to notice out some chapters and check and correct whatever mistakes did occur by coincedence in the first edition to let out this new edition in a satisfactory and proper way compared to the researches of this book, and that it gets the satisfaction from the readers and the Prevention is for God's only.
I won't exaggerate when I say that when I started writing I've feared the situation, because the search is in the lives of prophets died thousands of years ago, and in their lives that was full of action and humanity and dignity and nobility, and to mention the mysteries of these long times of their movements and their lives and spreading out the religion that was assigned to them by God, and for which God did send them and made them prophets and messengers, but this fear did fade away when I started and began although it did take lot of my time in looking at the numerous resources and investigating that needs a time not be considered easy and checking in some stories and tales that opposes each other sometimes in the life of each prophet, not as the books I made before and after this book whatever was printed of them and whatever still written, until God helped me with success so it came out with this relatively good picture to the existence, and thanks to God firstly and lastly, asking Him to Accept it from me with a good acceptance and Give me from His grace, and Make the believers that avoid the stumbles benefit from it, and God is the Helper.

The Author
Markabâ-Jabal 'Âmil-Lebanon
1/1980AD - 2/1400H

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