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[Ash`abite, I coined this term meaning the adjective of "Ash`ab." Ash`ab was a famous character in the Arabic folklore that resembles stupidity and also funny stories, and the author here points to the stupidity or the funny personality of the pharaoh, as to mock at him!]

The Miracles of Moses and The Ash`abite Psychology of The Pharaoh

When Moses finished telling his message to the pharaoh and his people and showed the miracles: the staff, the hand, the dry years, the fruit corruption, the flood, the locusts, the vermin, the frogs, the blood and the terror (or pollution), these were miracles that were given in details, and the pharaoh was a tyrant man made everyone as a servant for him and the Egyptian nation used to believe in his worshipping and his holiness, and Moses surprised him with something that he does not accept, which was meant to be putting him down from the throne of holiness, so he started to nagotiate and debate with Moses and asked him: what is the God of the worlds? He said: the Lord of heavens and earth and what is in between, for He is the Creator for them and for what is in between and He is the Maker, then the pharaoh turned around him looking at the people showing signs of surprise and saying: do you hear? While Moses kept saying: your Lord and the Lord of your fathers as well, meaning He is the ancient God before the foundation of the pharaoh and before he becomes worshipped by his folks, so then the pharaoh said to his folks: the prophet that was sent to you is insane for he is saying things that we never heard before nor we do believe in, and Moses kept on saying: the Lord of the east and west and whatever in between them if you are someone to understand. When Moses and Aaron knew that the pharaoh was a stubborn man and careless about Moses and his message and he (the pharaoh) will disbelieve them for sure, they said to him: we've been inspired that the punishment shall be revealed upon him who lies, so he said to them: who is your Lord O Moses? He answered: He is the One that counted everything He had created, for He is the One that gave you the senses and the mind and created for you everything on earth and made you viceroys and rulers after rulers and guided you to use everything you meet for your own benefits, then the pharaoh started to ask questions while Moses answering them one after another, so he asked him about the early centuries and said to him: what about the early centuries? So Moses denoted that only God knows by saying: their knowledgement is in the hand of my Lord in a book that my Lord shall never forget nor astray about it, and He will judge every human being about his deeds, and then Moses made the gifts of God that he was ignoring clear to him by saying: Who hath appointed the earth as a bed and hath threaded roads for you therein and hath sent down water from the sky and thereby We have brought forth divers kinds of vegetation(TaHa:53), and made it easy for the human being to find what he eats and for his cattles what they graze upon, and the One who did such deeds, His deeds must be signs that guide someone with a thoughtful mind, and earth is our source and to it we shall be back again and from it we will be produced again to be asked for what we did, so God said: Thereof We created you, and thereunto We return you, and thence We bring you forth a second time(TaHa:55).

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