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Moses and His People Going Out From The Sea Into The Land
When Moses went out with his people from Egypt and the pharaoh followed them and harassed them with his soldiers, God ordered then Moses to strike the sea with his staff and so the sea was splitted for him with twelve roads as much as the number of the tribes of the Israelites and no more nor less than this number for every tribe has its own way, and then Moses with his people passed over and the pharaoh was destroyed with his people, so then Moses went out to the desert, and there were no towns or trees or food or even water, and when they spent many days there they got annoyed because of this situation, where they find themselves in a desert that has nothing except sands and sun and the extreme heat after they had been in a great land as Egypt with lot of people and there they were born and lived for many years and there they had everything they would like of living conditions and there they had possessions and some had a trade and others had crafts and others had plants and investments and productions and everyone had a job there and they used to it, and now they had been without a job and without something to eat so they felt the loneliness for leaving their homes and for what they used to see of buildings and now they are out of the favours they used to live in into the desert and this got so hard on them and sadness got into them and they felt humiliated so they had refuge in Moses and they were crying and weeping and they complained to him about what they feel, so Moses then began to calm them down and tell them sermons and telling them that God will make them rulers and give them more than what they did have before and will make them higher and rule the world only if they did have patience and fought against the enemy of God and obeyed His commands and followed His viceroy, so Moses calmed them down with his words and they relaxed and believed in his promise, and then they complained about the heat so he prayed to God and He sent the clouds to shade them all daytime then they complained about the hunger so then God revealed upon them the manna and quails, and the manna was a subject that fell upon them at night on some plants and make their taste so sweet with easiness to eat and digest as they said, and they said its name was (the plant) is Taranjabeen [this name might denote the Citron], and it used to fell upon the plants on that desert so they eat them later, and for the quails it was a bird that covered the earth with its numerous numbers so they used to take what they need from it and it has the finest taste among all birds' meats and it was flying towards them so then they take it and cook it, and its fine taste is proved by the holy phrase: Eat of the good things wherewith We have provided you(Al-Baqarah:57).
In the honorable speech (of the prophet PUH): when Moses passed with them into the land they landed in a desert and then they said to Moses: O Moses, you doomed us and picked us out of urban areas to a desert that has no shadows, no trees nor water, so then a cloud came at day time to make shade for them against the sun and at night the manna is revealed upon them so they eat it in the next morning and at night a cooked bird is revealed for them upon their tables, and when they eat and get satisfied they never look for something else. There was with Moses a stone that he used to put in the middle of the camp and then strike it with his staff so that twelve springs would show up from it thus each tribe has its own spring, and they were twelve tribes descended from Jacob (PUH), and the tribes [Arabic: tribe (Israelite tribe) = Sibt, might be equal to the English word Sept as well!] are children of the children like clans and tribes from the children of Ishmael ben Abraham (PUT), and the Quran used this term (Sibt, pl. Asbât) and its explanation will come later by God's will, so all children of Jacob are called "Sibt" and all children of Ishmael are called "Qabeelah" [in translations for Quran both words are translated as "tribe" but Arabic is rich with destinctive terms that would have only one translation in English and maybe only people with deep knowledge in the Arabic language can make destinctive translations], so the tribes at the time of Moses were twelve and they are the ones that went out with Moses.
It might be apparent that the ones that believed in Moses truely and been sincere with their Lord before going out (of Egypt) or when Moses called them to believe in God the One, the Lord of angels and souls, only few of them were afraid of the pharaoh, and the elders of the Israelites were using Taqiyyah (avoiding) with the pharaoh and the most of the Israelites were in doubt, so only few of those people did believe in Moses, and most of the Israelites were followers for the coptic people with the creed of the pharaoh, and the previous wonders, that God stroke the pharaoh and his people with, did not avoid them from being followers for that paganism that they lived long time with although they were not beloved and humiliated, for they faced lot of torture and humiliation with the Egyptians, and then a rescuer came from them and he is the messanger of God Moses and Moses faced many obstacles and threats just to rescue them, and he was called an insane and a wizard and he taught the pharaoh hard lessons with his miracles that points out to his truthfulness, and they (the Israelites) saw with their own eyes how the sea was splitted for them so that they passed over without being a bit wet or losing a thing, as one historian said, and he said also: they even tricked the women of the Egyptians and took their ornaments and jewels and they went out with all these jewels like a captivated man ran away with his chains, and when the pharaoh desired to pass with them to get them back into slavery, God closed the sea on them and all were destroyed, all of that happened in front of their eyes and Moses did not forget to remind them and explain to them that all the deeds that he did were all from God and by His commandments and He is their Lord and the Lord of their fathers and He is the One and the Alive that has no companions, and the wet sands were still sticking to their shoes but their paganism nature came over them, and their badness in their souls pushed them to ask Moses, after passing by some people that worship some idols, asked him to make a god for them as they have a god, and what do you imagine the answer of Moses to them? Are blaming and warning useful now after he did all that for them? Moses was not ignorant for their situation and their rocky minds and their silly ideas and the meanness that was planted in their souls as if they were drunk without thought: They are but as the cattle - nay, but they are farther astray(Al-Furqân:44), would he (Moses) be regretted for what he did and for all the deeds and troubles he beared and for the humiliation that he faced? No and No, for he is a messanger from God, the Exalted, and an advisor for his people, so patience is his ally, and mercy is his companion, and he did not leave anything that blisses God, and everything he faced was for them and their happiness and to gather them again, and he was in hope for their correct faith to win the honor of life and the after-life, so his answer to them was only to be patient for the sake of God: Then have patience even as the stout of heart among the messengers (of old) had patience(Al-Ahqâf:35), and what they deserve for their request to have a god other than their Lord is to be rebuked for their shamelessness and misunderstanding and for their injustice toward the One who destroyed their enemy and saved them from his wrath and made them the best among the nations, and a God with such miracles toward them and such favours for them should not be left to worship another except by those who are silly and been shameless and been stuck with the shame that shall never be removed, this is if there is such an imagination that there is another god to be worshipped other than Him, and maybe such a talk is to go along with those who are silly and do not believe in a doomsday and paradise or hell, and is there a wise man full of sense that would believe in the existance of someone that shares or opposes the Creator of the universe and the night and day abd the Creator of time and space, unless he was stupid and made his soul a toy for the devil, or of those that their hearts became dark and unhappiness was destined for them and been like deaf, dumb, blind, therefore they have no sense, may God guide us, the Merciful, for what blisses Him and to the goodness of this life and the after-life by His beloved the chosen and his Household the best of the creations, Amen.

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