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The coming down of Noah and his fellows from the Ark

Then God inspired to him: O Noah! Go thou down (from the mountain) with peace from Us and blessings upon thee and some nations (that will spring) from those with thee. (There will be other) nations unto whom We shall give enjoyment a long while and then a painful doom from Us will overtake them (Hud:48), so Noah got down from the Ark with the eighty men that are with him and their fellows and the rest of the animals, and the Ark parked on the mount of Al-Judi (and it is a great mountain in Al-Mosel in the land of Iraq) [the previous note is mentioned in the book] as some people of knowledge did say, and it is said that it is a mountain in the island [seems it meant by the "island" the Arabian peninsula in general] on which the Ark did stop, and said also that it is some where in the land of Shâm [Shâm is a form of Sam or Shem, Syria is the main land that is called by this name with areas around it], and it is said that it is in the island between Al-Furât and Dijlah (Euphrates and Tigris), and in some tidings, it is the Euphrates that passes through Kufa [meaning Al-Judi is the Euphrates..etc] and it is the most close to rightness as mentioned in Majma' Al-Bahrain [book's name] for the sheikh Al-Torayhi. It is told that when Noah got abroad over the Ark after charging it with animals of different types and habits, from lions and mutants and beasts and people and so on, God, the Exalted, dropped the calmness over whatever was there from animals and birds and beasts so no one hurted the other as if God made them all of one type, so the sheep would approach the wolf and so the cow with the lion, as if God made their habits disappear, and so they stayed like that until they got out of the Ark on land. It is mentioned that no single animal was left and all were got to the Ark,  and the interpretation for God's saying: two of every kind, a pair(Hud:40), meaning the male and female pair since this name is called usually for any combination of them.
[a short paragraph comes here that has nothing to add but a summary then thanks to God, not to be translated because the grammar and sequence of the speech seems not coherent]

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