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IN the summer-time the troop of the Dwarfs came in great numbers down from the hills into the valley, and joined the men that were at work, either assisting them or merely looking on. They especially liked to be with the mowers in the hay-making season, seating themselves, greatly to their satisfaction, on the long thick branch of a maple-tree, among the dense foliage. But one time some mischief-loving people came by night and sawed the branch nearly through. The unsuspecting Dwarfs, as usual, sat down on it in the morning; the branch snapt in two, and the Dwarfs were thrown to the ground. When the people laughed at them they became greatly incensed, and cried out,
O how is heaven so high
And perfidy so great!
Hero to-day and never more!
and they never let themselves again be seen. [a]
It is also related that it was the custom of the Dwarfs to seat themselves on a large piece of rock, and thence to look on. the haymakers when at work. But some mischievous people lighted a lire on the rock and made it quite hot, and then sweet off all the coals. In the morning the little people, coming to take their usual station, burned themselves in a lamentable manner. Full of anger, they cried out, "O wicked world! O wicked world!" called aloud for vengeance, and disappeared for ever.

[a] Mr. Wyss heard this and the following tale in Haslithal and Gadmen.

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