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There was a man whose name was Gunnar. He was one of Unna's kinsmen, and his mother's name was Rannveig (1). Gunnar's father was named Hamond (2). Gunnar Hamond's son dwelt at Lithend, in the Fleetlithe. He was a tall man in growth, and a strong man--best skilled in arms of all men. He could cut or thrust or shoot if he chose as well with his left as with his right hand, and he smote so swiftly with his sword, that three seemed to flash through the air at once. He was the best shot with the bow of all men, and never missed his mark. He could leap more than his own height, with all his war-gear, and as far backwards as forwards. He could swim like a seal, and there was no game in which it was any good for any one to strive with him; and so it has been said that no man was his match. He was handsome of feature, and fair skinned. His nose was straight, and a little turned up at the end. He was blue-eyed and bright-eyed, and ruddy-cheeked. His hair thick, and of good hue, and hanging down in comely curls. The most courteous of men was he, of sturdy frame and strong will, bountiful and gentle, a fast friend, but hard to please when making them. He was wealthy in goods. His brother's name was Kolskegg; he was a tall strong man, a noble fellow, and undaunted in everything. Another brother's name was Hjort; he was then in his childhood. Orm Skogarnef was a base- born brother of Gunnar's; he does not come into this story. Arnguda was the name of Gunnar's sister. Hroar, the priest at Tongue, had her to wife (3).


(1) She was the daughter of Sigfuss, the son of Sighvat the Red; he was slain at Sandhol Ferry.

(2) He was the son of Gunnar Baugsson, after whom Gunnar's holt is called. Hamond's mother's name was Hrafnhilda. She was the daughter of Storolf Heing's son. Storolf was brother to Hrafn the Speaker of the Law, the son of Storolf was Orin the Strong.

(3) He was the son of Uni the Unborn, Gardar's son who found Iceland. Arnguda's son was Hamond the Halt, who dwelt at Hamondstede.

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