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Moat does not mean a place with water, but a tumulus or barrow. The words Da Luan Da Mort augus Da Dardeen are Gaelic for "Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday too". Da Hena is Thursday. Story-tellers, in telling this tale, says Croker, sing these words to the following music-according to Croker, music of very ancient kind:--



p. 321

Mr. Douglas Hyde has heard the story in Connaught, with the song of the fairy as "Peean Peean daw feean, Peean go leh agus leffin" [pighin, pighin, dà phighin, pighin go ieith agus leith phighin], which in English means, "a penny, a penny, twopence, a penny and a half, and a halfpenny".

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