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T'YEER-NA-N-OGE.--Page 200.

"Tír-na-n-óg," Mr. Douglas Hyde writes, "'The Country of the Young', is the place where the Irish peasant will tell you geabhaedh tu an sonas aer pighin, 'you will get happiness for a penny', so cheap and common it will be. It is sometimes, but not often, called Tir-na-hóige; the 'Land of Youth'. Crofton Croker writes it, Thierna-na-noge, which is an unfortunate mistake of his, Thierna meaning a lord, not a country. This unlucky blunder is, like many others of the same sort where Irish words are concerned, in danger of becoming stereotyped, as the name of Iona has been, from mere clerical carelessness."

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