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(Moral Injunctions.)

The right way leads forward; the wrong way backward.[19] (148-155)

Do not proceed on an evil path. (156-159)

Do not sin[20] in secret.[21] (160-163)

Accumulate virtue, increase merit. (164-167)

With a compassionate heart turn toward all creatures. (168-171)

Be faithful, filial, friendly, and brotherly.[22] (172-175)

First rectify thyself and then convert others. (176-179)

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Take pity on orphans, assist widows; respect the old, be kind to children. (180-187)

Even the multifarious insects, herbs, and trees should not be injured. (188-195)

Be grieved at the misfortune of others and rejoice at their good luck. (196-204)

Assist those in need, and rescue those in danger. (205-212)

Regard your neighbor's gain as your own gain, and regard your neighbor's loss as your own loss. (213-228)

Do not call attention to the faults of others, nor boast of your own excellence. (229-236)

Stay evil and promote goodness. (237-240)

Renounce much, accept little. (241-244)

Show endurance in humiliation and bear no grudge. (245-248)

Receive favors as if surprised.[23] (249-252)

Extend your help without seeking reward. (253-257)

Give to others and do not regret or begrudge your liberality. (258-262)

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