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(Punishments for Evil-Doers.)

For all these crimes the councilors of destiny deprive the guilty, according to the lightness or gravity of the offence, of terms from twelve years to a hundred days, and when the lease of life is exhausted they perish. (1059-1076)

If at death an unexpiated offence be left, the evil luck will be transferred to children and grandchildren. (1077-1085)

Moreover, all those who wrongly seize others' property may have to compensate for it, with wives or children or other family members, the expiation to be proportionate up to a punishment by death. (1086-1106)

If the guilt be not expiated by death, they will suffer by various evils, by water, by fire, by theft, or by robbery, by loss of property, by disease and illness, and by ill repute, to compensate for any unlawful violence of justice. (1107-1132)

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Further, those who unlawfully kill men will in turn have their weapons and arms turned on them; yea, they will kill each other.[62] (1133-1145)

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