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Heaven's Gate (Part 1)

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                 Ί   T R U S T   N O   O N E   Ί
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Things to beware of in 1997:

Continued 'govermental' pushes to pass legislation to take away what
few rights remain to the American people... Beware such laws which
purport to 'protect' children but only serve to 'control' the
parent!! -- Beware such laws with purport to 'protect' people from
'illegal firearms' but whose true purpose is to keep 'any' firearms
out of the hands of the people so they can NOT resist the coming
oppresion of the 'New World Order'!!


Forwarded from Internet:
Subject: Re: Mass Suicide in San Diego

Attention has now shifted to Marshall Applewhite who figures somewhat in
the early history of "Heaven's Gate".

Here's an entry from "Encyclopedia Jill":

H.I.M. [Human Individual Metamorphosis] Flying saucer cult founded in 1975
in the American West by Bo and Peep, an unmarried, middle-aged couple whose
real names were Herf Applewhite and Bonnie Lu Trousdale Nettles of Houston,
Texas. They claimed that they would lead their followers to a literal
ascension into Heaven via spacecraft. They began holding meetings in
various locations throughout the west when their followers began following
them around, from one camp to another, from Oregon to Nebraska. Bo & Peep
told their followers that they would eventually be assassinated, then rise
to lead them to the spacecraft. One devotee remarked, "We've got to get
them killed... that's the only way we're ever going to get off!" Herf
studied music and taught at St. Thomas College. Ms. Nettles studied nursing
and astrology. In 1972, the couple formed the Christian Arts Center in
Houston, sponsoring lectures on theosophy, mysticism, meditation,
astrology, etc. The couple was living together but renounced sex. The two
claimed that they had both come from the "heavenly kingdom" into the wombs
of women as "space fetuses: with a mission to prepare others for the Second
Coming and ascension of faithful into heaven via UFO. They used the names
Bo and Peep and other nonsensical names to emphasize their anonymity.
H.I.M.'s caravan wended its way through Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona,
Washington, Oregon and Nebraska. Current status unknown. [Hayden Hughes,
Brad Steiger, UFO Missionaries Extraordinary, 1976.]

In "Crop Circle Connector Truthseekers 8" we find:

Bo and Peep, formerly known as Bonnie Nettles and Marshall Applewhite. In
1975 this Californian couple founded a movement called Human Individual
Metamorphosis (HIM for short), which greatly appealed to followers of New
Age philosophies. HIM was an early version of the present-day Ascension
movement. Bo and Peep, also known as The Two, preached that death could be
overcome through physical ascension into another realm beyond the confines
of planet Earth. One of their publicity posters read: "UFOs - Why they are
here. Who they have come for. When they will land. Two individuals say they
were sent from the level above human and will return to that level in a
spaceship (UFO) within the next three months. This man and woman will
discuss how the transition from the human level to the next level is
accomplished, and when this may be done. If you have ever entertained the
idea that there might be a real physical level in space beyond the Earth's
confines, you will want to attend this meeting." Members of this group were
expected to give up their names, belongings, radios, televisions, books,
and become celibate. They lived in communes and were forced to lead a
detached lifestyle, in constant anticipation of their imminent physical
ascension. Gradually, members began to get disillusioned because no-one was
ascending and the prophecies made by Bo and Beep would pass without
incident. Many followers were ripped off financially, and it was later
learned that Bo and Peep had befriended one another in a psychiatric
hospital; where she was a nurse and he was a patient. They also had
criminal records, having been arrested on charges of car theft and credit
card fraud...

Rarebit Dreams

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