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Heaven's Gate (Part 5)

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Things to beware of in 1997:

Traveling in/to Europe.  Especially once the lines have been drawn.


Group Believed Comet Was Shielding UFO
Thursday, March 27, 1997 3:54:00 PM EST

   LOS ANGELES (Reuter) - The man who tipped police to the mass suicide of 39
people near San Diego said on Thursday that members of the group had killed
themselves in order to rendezvous with a UFO approaching Earth.

 He said they had videotaped their farewells, and all appeared happy to be

 Nick Matzorkis, who runs a computer company in Beverly Hills called
Interactive Entertainment, said in television interviews that one of his
employees, who had recently left the group, had been worried that his former
comrades might commit suicide.

 The man, identified only as Rio, had received two videotapes from the group on
Tuesday via Federal Express, along with a letter. Matzorkis said he drove the
employee on Wednesday to the mansion in the exclusive San Diego suburb of
Rancho Santa Fe.

 ``He (Rio) read me the letter in the car ... and they explained that by the
time this letter was being read that they will have already, as they described
it, 'shed their containers,' which is I guess what they use to describe the
bodies,'' Matzorkis said.

 When they reached the mansion, Rio went inside and found the 39 bodies.
Matzorkis said he stayed in the car.

 ``When he first came out he was white as a sheet ... He said 'they did it,
they left their containers, they committed suicide.'''

 The men then called police to notify them, Matzorkis said. Police, acting on
the anonymous tip, found the bodies of the 39 men and women on Wednesday. All
appeared as though they had died peacefully in their sleep.

 Matzorkis, who said he had had business dealings with the group, called ``WW
Higher Source,'' told NBC's Today Show that he believed the group members took
sleeping pills on Monday night.

 He said he had viewed the videotapes, and group members appeared in pairs
giving farewell messages.

 The tapes were ``hosted'' by a man named Doe, who headed the group, and
contained footage of members saying goodbye. ``In the videocassette of all the
individuals that had committed suicide, they were quite jovial and excited
about moving on to this next stage,'' Matzorkis said.

 Matzorkis said he had contracted some web site design to the group and had
communicated with 15 or 16 members of the group, who referred to themselves as

 ``All I can tell you is that they believed that they were going to be taken
away by, as odd as this sounds, I'm just telling you what I heard, by a UFO.

 ``That a UFO would come by and pick them up. Several months ago one of the
members of the group who was one of the ones that committed suicide yesterday
asked me if I was aware that there was a comet that would be coming close to
Earth,'' Matzorkis said.

 The comet Hale-Bopp is currently passing by the Earth.

 ``They explained to me that they believed that there was a UFO following
behind that comet and using it as a shield so it could not be detected by Earth
and that that UFO may very well be the one to take them away,'' he said.

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