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The B2 Bomber: Could it be Responsible For Boomerang UFO Sightings?

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 * Forwarded from "INFO.PARANET"
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 * Originally dated 5 Jun 1995, 18:05

From: (Daveb Edwards)
Date: 4 Jun 95 01:30:00 GMT
Organization: CRS Online  (Toronto, Ontario)
Message-ID: <>
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo


Reports of boomerang-shaped UFO's are a permanent part of UFO
records. Cases in point, the Hudson Valley sightings (documented
in the book Night Siege- The Hudson Valley UFO sightings, by
Philip J. Imbrogo and a sighting in Florida, April 1993.

After doing a little digging, we cannot help but wonder if *some*
of them might be attributed to the B2 Stealth bomber.

The stealth fighter we all heard about during the Persian Gulf War
was the Lockheed F-117. It first flew i 1981 and was used in
combat during the Panama invasion and the Gulf War.

The Northrop B2 Stealth Bomber first flew in 1989, and was not
used in the Gulf War. It was developed with a specific mission
in mind- to fly deep into Soviet territory and drop nuclear
weapons on silos containing ICBMs. It was also supposed to hit
the underground shelters that housed Soviet leaders. The B2 was
also supposed to seek out and destroy Soviet mobile missile
launchers such as SS24s and SS25s.

The B2, essentially flying wing incorporating radar-defeating
technology, has no pods to mount weapons. It goes into battle
naked. Since it is said to be solely subsonic, it's an easy
target if it is sighted visually by interceptors, particular
since it does not have afterburners.

The B2 is designed with few radar-reflecting surfaces. Engines,
fuel tanks and weapons are inside the aircraft. Air for the
engines comes from inlets on the top wing surface.

Materials selected to defeat radar (radar absorbing materials)
are used extensively. Carbon fiber, glass fiber and other
composites are used heavily. And the glass canopy is coated with
gold to prevent radar reflection off objects inside the cockpit.

The specs for the B2 are:

Builder:        Northrop Corp.
Aircraft type:  Long rangestrategic bomber
Engines:        Four General Electric F118-GE Turbofans.
                Each delivers 19,000 pounds thrust.
Length:         69 feet
Height:         17 feet
Wingspan:       172 feet
Loaded weight:  376,000 pounds
Speed:          Subsonic
Range:          To 7,500 miles

Some reports say boomerang-shaped UFOs "were as big as a football
field". With a wingspan of 172 feet, we can't see how such errors
in estimation of size could be made. Unless it was witnessed at
tree-top level with no other objects to gage size.

The Sirius Connection editors have seen USAF photos of the B2 in
flight, and yes- it looks weird and a perfect candidate for a
UFO sighting. Images of the B2 are available as .GIF images
B2A.GIF and B2B.GIF in the free-to-all Browse Library of Sirius
Connection. The images are not spectacular, but they are the only
ones we have been able to track down.

A few interesting questions arise now that the Soviet Union is
no more. As of July 17, 1989 about $22 billion had been spent to
produce the B2. The USAF was supposed to get 132 of them at $865
million a copy. That was cut to 75 by the DOD in April of 1990.
Additional budget cuts in the program reduced the number
significantly. How many actually were built? Beyond the three
known to exist in 1991, who knows?

And with all all those variable wing surfaces, could it be that
that the B2 has the ability to fly very slowly? Stall-speed data
is not available. Boomerang-shaped UFO reports frequently mention
that the objects can move slowly.

And what of the future of the B2s? At $865 million a copy, it is
not logical they would be scrapped, but rather used as flying
test-beds for even more advanced technology.

Hope this has helped shed some light on a possible cause of
*some* of the boomerang-shaped UFO sightings.

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