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UFOs and the End of the World

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                                  August 26, 1990

                     newsclippings courtesy of Cheyenne Turner
                        President of Mufon Metroplex/Dallas


                          UFO's and the End of the World
                           commentary by Jerry W. Decker

       Amid recent world  events,  many  people we know and come in contact
       with have voiced concern that the  end  times  might  be  upon us as
       predicted in the biblical chapter of Revelations.

       The invasion of Kuwait by Iraq with the subsequent  increase  in oil
       prices brought on  armed responses from the majority of world powers
       directed at Iraq and the actions of Saddam Hussein.

       These armed responses have included  trade embargos and is likely to
       lead to a  condition  of war, not yet decided at the  time  of  this

       In a recent meeting with Cheyenne Turner of Mufon/Dallas, she kindly
       gave KeelyNet copies  of  newsclippings regarding a very strange UFO
       related incident involving Gulf Breeze.

       The documents include  a memorandum  from  VISIT  (Vehicle  Internal
       Systems Investigative Team) at PO BOX 890327, Houston, TX 77289-0327
       announcing a meeting on August 23, 1990.


       The VISIT program was to discuss the following :

           1)  Discussion  of  the  MUFON  1990 Conference  (held  in  Gulf
                          Breeze, Florida)

           2)  More interesting Gulf Breeze info (the debunkers exposed)

           3)  The  strange  case  of  the  AWOL  soldiers  (with  attached

       Six soldiers walk away from sensitive intelligence positions in West
       Germany and show up half way around  the  world in tiny Gulf Breeze,

       How could this  happen?   What  was their mission?   These  articles
       raise more questions   than   they  answer.   We  will  discuss  the
       following questions and more at the next VISIT meeting.

         *  They were with the 701st Military  Intelligence  Brigade.  Each
            held top secret clearances, but were allowed to walk away from

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            their posts  and  were  discharged without a court martial.  Is
            this the new policy of the military?

         *  A  sargeant,  along  with  two  specialists  and  three  pfc's,
            comprise a squad.  Did they have a charter OTHER  then what has
            been advertised?

         *  Is the crazy religious story a cover?

         *  Why  did  Police  Chief  Brown  receive  a  phone call from the
            Pentagon only five minutes after  his  inquiry about Michael J.
            Hueckstaedt?  Why  was he told not to question  anyone  in  the

         *  Why did Heuckstaedt say to the arresting officer

                   "you don't know what you are doing.  If you
                    take me in you have signed my death warrant."?

         *  Who did they plan to kill?  What was the real reason?

         *  How  does  psychic Anna Foster figure into what is happening in
            Gulf Breeze?

         *  What will happen to the Gulf  Breeze police officer responsible
            for exposing the activity?

         *  Will the six return to Gulf Breeze to finish the  job  now that
            they have been officially "discharged"?


               The newspaper clippings which follow were attached to
              the memorandum and mailed out to the VISIT membership.


                            The Sentinel - Gulf Breeze
                         Thursday, July 19, 1990 - Page 9A

                       SIX ARRESTED FOR DESERTING U.S. ARMY

       Six US Army soldiers were taken into custody by military authorities
       for being AWOL   and  transported  to  Fort  Benning,  Georgia  last

       The six were  apprehended after one  of  the  soldiers,  Michael  J.
       Hueckstaedt was stopped  by Gulf Breeze Police Officer  Don  Stevens
       for a broken tail light.

       Hueckstaedt had no  identification and a computer check found him to
       be one of  six soldiers wanted for  being  Absent  Without  Official
       Leave (AWOL).  Four of the soldiers were found at Anna Foster's home
       on McClure Drive in Gulf Breeze and one (a female)  was staying at a
       campsite at Fort Pickens.

       When police went  to  the Foster home Saturday morning, the soldiers
       had several duffel bags, suitcases  and briefcases, and about $4,000
       in cash.

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        *****   The six belong to a group called "The End of the World"
                and claim they came to this area for the "Rapture"
                which they believe will take place HERE in October.  ****

       The soldiers have  been  sought  by authorities since July 9th, when
       they were found missing from their  military  intelligence  unit  in
       West Germany.

       Gulf Breeze Police Chief Jerry Brown said that no arrests were made,
       and they were turned over to the CIA and FBI before  going  to  Fort

                Michael J.Hueckstaedt, 19, is from Farson, Wyoming

                           The five other soldiers are :

                   William N. Setterberg, 20, of Pittsburgh, PA
                    Kenneth G. Beason, 26, of Middlesboro, Tenn
                      Vance A. Davis, 25, of Wichita, Kansas
                     Kris P. Perlock, 20, of Hudson, Wisconsin
                     and Annette Eccleston, 22 of Connecticut.

                           Northwest Florida Daily News
                                  July 20th, 1990


       Gulf Breeze -  Six  soldiers,  reported  by  an  unofficial military
       newspaper to be on a mission to kill  the  Antichrist,  were charged
       Thursday with desertion  from  their  intelligence   unit   in  West
       Germany, Pentagon spokesman said.

       A friend also  told  another  newspaper  that  one  of  the soldiers
       arrested in this Florida Panhandle city, a hotbed for UFO sightings,
       was interested in unidentified flying objects and wanted to attend a
       UFO convention in nearby Pensacola.

       The religious beliefs  of  the  soldiers,   described  as  Christian
       fundamentalists, are not  part  of  the  Army's investigation,  said
       Major Joe Padilla, an Army spokesman at the Pentagon.

       "It's pretty cut  and  dried.  It's getting drier each day," Padilla
       said.  "We are not allowed to look  into religious groups by statute
       so we don't."

       The five men  and  a  woman,  all  members  of  the  701st  Military
       Intelligence Brigade at  Augsburg,  West  Germany  are being held at
       Fort Benning, Ga.   They were arrested  Friday  and  Saturday  after
       police stopped one of them for a traffic violation.

       They were charged with desertion RATHER THAN THE LESSER  OFFENSE  of
       being absent without  leave  because  they  held top-secret security
       clearances, said Pentagon spokesman Pete Williams.

       Padilla said it will be up to the  soldier's  commanding  officer to
       decide whether to hold a court-martial or take lesser administrative

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       A counter-intelligience investigation is being conducted as a matter
       of routine because  the  six, all analysts assigned to intercepting,
       identifying and exploiting  foreign   communications,   had  handled
       classified material, military spokesmen say.

       "There still appears to be no independent evidence  of any espionage
       or security related problem here," Williams said Thursday.

       A member of  their  unit  told the newspaper "Stars and Stripes" the
       six were out to FIND AND DESTROY  THE  ANTICHRIST,  the  figure  the
       Bible says will  challenge  Christ.  He spoke on the  condition  his
       name would not be disclosed.

       Padilla, an Army  spokesman  at the Pentagon, Wednesday retracted an
       earlier statement that the six were members of a group known as "The
       End of the World."

       But "Stars and Stripes" quoted the soldier from the Augsburg unit as
       saying that the cult has ADDITIONAL MEMBERS IN THE AREA.

       "There are others who are upset because they didn't get invited," to
       go along on the search for the AntiChrist,  the newspaper quoted the
       soldier as saying.

       Beason (one of  the  group)  was interested in science  fiction  and
       UFO's and very  gullible,  Stan  Johnson  told  the  Pensacola  News
       Journal for a  story  published  Thursday.   Johnson,  a  Morristown
       photographer, said in a telephone interview that he picked up Beason
       and Hueckstaedt July  6th at the McGee-Tyson Airport  in  Knoxville,

       "He was one of those people who believed anything someone would tell
       him," Johnson said  of  Beason.   "The idea that he was arrested, or
       that he was hanging around with cult-like  grouped  didn't  surprise
       me.  He kind of live in a science fiction fantasy world sometimes."

       Beason told Johnson he was going to Pensacola for a UFO convention.

       The Mutual UFO  Network  (MUFON) held its 21st annual  symposium  in
       Pensacola, attracted there  by  the  numerous  sightings reported in
       Gulf Breeze, July 6-8, but officials  of  the organization said they
       couldn't say whether Beason or Hueckstaedt attended.

       Gulf Breeze Police  Chief  Jerry Brown discounted that  possibility,
       saying the soldiers did not arrive in the area until July 9th.

       Beason told a  similar  story  to his sister and her husband, Caroly
       and Charles Reed, when he spent the  night,  July 7 at their home in
       Talbott, Tenn., the Knoxville News-Sentinel reported Thursday.

       The Reeds said  Beason  had  met  a  woman named Anna  when  he  was
       stationed in Pensacola,  and  she got him involved with a group that
       believed the government was covering up alien visits to Earth.  Part
       of the group's mission was to reveal that cover-up.

       Some of MUFON's members have accused the government of such a cover-
       up but the organization has not made such a policy statement itself,
       said Don Ware of Fort Walton Beach,  the  group's  Eastern  Regional

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                              Thursday, July 26, 1990


       Six U.S. soldiers  who  went  AWOL  from  intelligence posts in West
       Germany and were arrested at a Florida  beach  known for UFO reports
       won't be court-martialed.  But many other questions remain.

       Were the six - five men and a woman - acting on "psychic input" from
       biblical figures and preparing for the world's end,  as  a friend of
       one suggested?

       Did they plan  to  move  to  the  West  and live "like a survivalist
       group," as a police captain said he was told by two in the group?
       Or was there another explanation of  the events that began unfolding
       when the six,  who  held  top-secret security clearances,  left  the
       701st Military Intelligence Brigade in Augsberg, West Germany, early
       this month?

       "Don't judge them  yet.   They  have  a right to defend themselves,"
       said Anna Foster, at whose Gulf Breeze,  Florida,  home  four of the
       six were arrested  July  14.   Foster,  a  civilian   described   by
       authorities as a psychic, is not charged in the case.

       The Army offered  the  six  "non-judicial  punishment" - no trial by
       court-martial - after an investigation  by the Army Intelligence and
       Security Command found no evidence of espionage.

       At Fort Knox, KY., where the six were being held, Major  Ron  Mazzia
       said they could  receive  reductions  in  pay  or rank, or both, and
       could be fined.  Specific terms will  be  determined  by  an officer
       acting as a sentencing judge.

       Having lost their security clearances, the six might  be discharged,
       Mazzia said.

       They were reported  missing  in West Germany on July 9th.  On Friday
       the 13th, Pfc. Michael Hueckstaedt  was  stopped  in Gulf Breeze for
       driving a van with non-working taillights.  A computer  check  found
       him to be absent without leave.

       Army information and a search of the van revealed the whereabouts of
       the five other soldiers.


                              Saturday, July 28, 1990


       Fort Knox, KY  - The Army on Friday discharged six soldiers who left
       their intelligence unit in Europe  and  went to a Florida town known
       for frequent sightings of UFO's.

       The soldiers were  reported  missing  July 9th from  Augsburg,  West
       Germany, and were arrested a few days later in Gulf Breeze, FL.

                                      Page 5

       An investigation found  no  evidence  the  soldiers  from  the 701st
       Military Intelligence Brigade had  been involved in espionage during
       the time they were AWOL, said Major Ron Mazzia, a spokesman for Fort
       Knox, where the soldiers were detained.

       Stan Johnson of Bybee, Tenn., a friend of one of the soldiers, Spec.
       Kenneth G. Beason, 26, said Beason told him they had been "chosen by
       DIVINE INTERVENTION to help prepare for the end of  the world, which
       was supposed to occur in about EIGHT YEARS FROM NOW."

       Johnson added that,  "when  the  second  coming  of Christ occurred,
       Jesus Christ was going to ARRIVE IN A SPACESHIP."

       Gulf Breeze, where Beasom and others in the group received
       training, has had many reports of UFO sightings.  A symposium of the
       Mutual UFO Network, concluded there July 8th, police said.


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       the nets so it has been typed in for distribution.

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