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9. Announce the religion of the Goddess to the world through good works, honest words and selfless acts of beauty and love.

The Goddess in her form Eris is the spirit of the ninth principle.

Eris is the Goddess of Chaos, but Chaos also engenders infinite beauty. Simple rules create chaotic systems which give rise to staggering amounts of complexity. Simple acts of kindness can create the context for other acts of kindness. Honesty in the face of a society built on lies can lay the basis for social change. One selfless act of love, like stepping in front of a tank, can elevate the consciousness of the entire world. Eris challenges fear, terror, war and violence by acts of beauty and love.

Good works include charity, but surpass the narrowest sense of the word of giving money and forgetting about it. Charity by itself is an empty gesture. True charity means attempting to build a society where the abundance can be shared without depriving anyone. This does not exclude giving money, time or energy to shelter, or give food for the needy, or sponsor socially beneficial programs. Rather it means that a society with hungry people, people without health care, people without housing, is an indicted society. By the power of Eris, we can create a just society where the abundance of the Goddess is shared by all.

This will necessarily be a difficult and chaotic transition. Eris will guide us through it.

The Goddess Eris helps those caught in the wake of Chaos to take the correct path and emerge unharmed. To sort the path out, she give us foresight into the future. When you need guidance in a time of chaos, call on her to give you vision.

The mantra of Eris should be used when chaos, violence, or fear strikes you: "Blessed Eris. Take me to your place of stillness in the chaos around me so that I can see the path before me. I shall not fear. This will pass over me, and around me, and through me. I will be free; I will live in peace. Blessed be."