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USAF UFO Order 12/24/1959

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                 Ί   T R U S T   N O   O N E   Ί
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     Reproduced below is the classic order from the Inspector General
of the Air Force to all air base commanders in the continental United
States on December 24, 1959

     Unidentified flying objects - sometimes treated lightly by the
press and referred to as "flyiny saucers" - must be rapidly and acc-
urately identified as serious USAF business in the ZI. As AFR 200-2
points out, the Air Force concern with these sightings is threefold:
First of all, is the object a threat to the defense of the US?
Secondly, does it contribute to technical or scientific knowledge?
And then there's the inherent USAF responsibility to explain to the
American people through public-information media what is going on in
their skies.

     The phenomenon or actual objects encompassing UFO's will tend to
increase, with the public more aware of goings on in space but still
inclined to some apprehenson. Techinical and defense considerations
will continue to exist in this area.

     Published about three months ago, AFR 200-2 outlines necessary
orderly qualifed reporting as well as public-information procedures.
This is where the Base should stand today, with practices judged at
least satisfactory by commander and inspector:

   -Reasponsibility for handling UFO's should rest with either intelli-
    gence, operations, the Provost Marshal or the Information Offices -
    in order of preference, dictated by limits of the base organisation;

   -A specific officer should be designated as responsible;

   -He should have experience in investigative techniques and also,
    if possible, scientific or technical background;

   -He should have authority to obtain the assistance of specialists
    on the base;

   -He should be equipped with binoculars, cameria, Geiger counter,
    magnifying glass and have a source for containers in which to
    store samples.

     What is required is that every UFO sighting be investigated and
reported to the Air Technical Intelligence Center at Wright-Patterson
AFB and that explanation to the public be realistic and knowledgable.
Normally that explanation will be made by the OSAF information Officer.

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