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Examining The Earthlight Theory

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                                 November 18, 1990

                        EXAMINING THE EARTHLIGHT THEORY...
                        An investigation into a mini-flap.

                                   by Greg Long.

          By now  we've all heard of "earth lights." Paul Devereux of Great
       Britian coined the term in 1982 when  he  published EARTH LIGHTS. In
       that book, Devereux developed the idea that UFOs are  a byproduct of
       natural processes in the earth.

          Micheal Persinger  of  Canada  had  already  been saying the same
       thing for years in a continous outpouring  of  papers  in  which  he
       developed his Tectonic Strain Theory of UFOs.

       Vangard Notes...

            Michael Persinger is the researcher working with  pulsating and
            targeted magnetic fields in the brain.  He and his team created
            a "helmet"  using nails wrapped with many turns of wire to form
            cylindrical solenoids.  These  were  then  mounted in a sort of
            football helmet to allow them to hang over different  parts  of
            the brain.

            When connected  to  a computer as a "printer", various patterns
            can be output to magnetically stimulate the brain with specific
            and repeatable patterns.

            One of the most fascinating results  of the experiment involved
            the use of subjects with their eyes closed.   While  a  certain
            pattern was   projected   or  "printed"  to  the  solenoids,  a
            flashlight was  aimed toward  the  subject's  eyes  and  slowly
            lowered.  (a loose description follows)

            Asked to describe what they saw, EVERY SUBJECT  said  the  same

                "I see  a  UFO  coming  down, it is landing.  Now there are
                 small grey people coming  out  of it towards me.  They are
                 taking me into the ship.  Now they are doing  somekind  of
                 physical exploration.   I  am  now  being  taken  from the

            As the flashlight beam is lifted up, the subject's say that the
            UFO is now ascending and moving away.
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            Dennis Stacy   investigated  Persinger's  work  in  Canada  and
            reported on it in a December  issue  of OMNI.  I believe it was

            We also  have  papers regarding other experiments  in  inducing
            feelings or  actions  in  the body using magnetic, electric and
            sonic fields.  These are being  placed  on KeelyNet as time and
            funds allow, with as much technical data as we can provide.


          Unfortunately, despite Devereux and Persinger's  passion  for the
       concept of a  UFO/earth  stress  link,  neither  researcher  has yet
       proven the case that UFOs are purely a natural phenomenon.

          Rock has been crushed in the laboratory,  eliciting extraordinary
       brief pulses of  light,  but  the result of that experiment--in  the
       words of Brian  Brady, who developed the experiment--the crushing of
       rock cannot account for "discrete" light forms seen at high altitude
       (read : spherical UFOs at high altitude).

          In fact,  Brady's experiment  even  does  away  with  the  famous
"piezo-electric effect" as a source of UFOs; in terms of energy
output, piezo-electricity is simply too weak to account for anything
more than momentary, diffuse glows of light.

Vangard Notes...

If you want to demonstrate this effect for yourself Wintergreen
Life Saver candies will generate this piezo-electric glow when
you crunch them between your teeth. Turn out the light and
chew one or more while watching the glow from your mouth in a

As a matter of fact, when this effect was first discovered
about these candies, many people working in hospitals percieved
them as a very real danger. The concern was that people in
oxygen tents might chew one and the resultant spark might
ignite and explode the oxygen in the enclosed tent.

A scientific study was done on this phenomenon and the effect
had no ignition effect whatsoever.


More importantly, how can a mysterious, elusive and unidentified
physical mechanism create STRUCTURED objects? This is the great
failing of the "earth-lights" theory; it attempts to solve the UFO
mystery by ignoring the actual content of the UFO report.

Any unexplained object seen in an earthquake-prone region--no
matter how artificial in appearance or "intelligent" in its actions
-suddenly becomes a byproduct of ionization, plasmas or some other
little-understood electrical process.

In 1981 I began an investigation into UFO sightings that had
occured over 20 years in a single area, the Yakima Indian
Reservation in south-central Washington state.

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In the early 1980s, the MUFON UFO Journal published several of my
papers based on my preliminary findings. Now the J. Allen Hynek
Center for UFO Studies has published my complete findings as a book:

EXAMINING THE EARTHLIGHT THEORY looks microscopically at the
Tectonic Strain Theory of UFOs. I use the Yakima data (nearly 200
reports from a variety of witnesses, plus numerous color
photographs) to test the viability of the Tectonic Strain Theory
which Persinger believes explains the Yakima sightings.

The Yakima data form a "microcosm," a fascinating, self-contained
world of strange reports, which include a range of unexplained
occurences--orange balls of light, CE3's, possible abductions,
Bigfoot sightings, daylight objects, subterrrean sounds and more.

Nearly every part of the Reservation experienced some type of
unexplained event over a 20 year period, making the Yakima Indian
Reservation an excellent "laboratory" for detailed examination of
UFO phenomena.

Earthquake faults mark the ridges of the Reservation; it lies at
the foot of the volcanic Cascade Range; and fire lookouts were in
place on top of three mountains to observe and record strange lights
year after year...the right conditions for data collection, plenty
of UFOs and more than enough meticulous documentation to whet the
appetite of a curious scientist in serach of an explanation.

EXAMINING THE EARTHLIGHT THEORY takes the reader on a historical
journey, following the sightings to their most recent occurence. All
data of this unique mini-flap are used to thoroughly evaluate the
basic components of the Tectonic Strain Theory. EXAMINING THE
EARTHLIGHT THEORY is an experience in detective work, where all the
facts of the Yakima micrcosm are weighed, sifted and evaluated in
the systematic pursuit of a solution to the mystery of the


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