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Circles of Confusion


By Timothy Harper


A rare set of concentric rings lies quietly awaiting the answer
of why - and how - English crops are being sculpted. Some of the
circular depressions measure up to 100 feet in diameter, and they
have been cropping up in southern England since 1976.

LONDON - Behind the hedgerows and stone fences of rural Britain
lurks the Mystery of the Field Circles.

The puzzle over the circles - large round areas where maturing
crops have been partly flattened and entangled - is something of a
modern-day Stonehenge riddle for the millions of Britons who have
been reading about them all summer.

Amid local media reports of newly appeared circles, many
Britons have taken to making Sunday drives in the country to see the
mystery for themselves. Even the international press has become

Pat Delgado, a retired British electrical engineer who has
written a book about the circles, said they can be up to 100 feet in
diameter. He has reports of circles being noted as early as the
early 1950s, but said the number has increased dramatically this

"Last year there were 98 altogether," he said. "This year there
have been 240."

The circles, which appear overnight and are sometimes in
clusters, have been found in fields of oats, barley, corn, wheat,
rye, beans, spinach and other crops. Typically, the plants are all
bent in the same direction, sometimes with their stems, branches and
leaves interwoven in intricate symmetry.

"These crops are not damaged in any way," Delgado said.
"They are laid down and continue to grow and ripen in a horizontal

Delgado said that for years the circles seemed to be confined
largely to fields on three counties in southern England, including
Wiltshire, the home of the Stonehenge standing rocks that some
theories connect with ancient visitors form outer space.

This summer, however, the circles have appeared in many more
counties throughout England.

Delgado said he doesn't subscribe to any "little green men"
theories, but he doesn't have any better ideas, either.

"I'm as mystified as when I started investigating nine years
ago," he said. "The only progress we've made is by elimination. We
have eliminated whirlwinds and hoaxes. We have eliminated crop over-
fertilization and the wind vortices theory and animal intervention."

One farmer, Geoff Cooper, called a nearby British military base
to complain after finding circles in his fields this summer.

"We thought their helicopters were doing it on exercises," he
said. "But they sent an expert round and he said a helicopter could
only make that shape if it was flying upside down and stationary."

Cooper said one neighbor believes the circles are caused by
hedgehogs rolling over and over in the fields, but he calculated
that it would take 40,000 of them to make the circles in his field
in one night.

Some newspapers during the summer reported that the British
Ministry of Defense was investigation the circles, but the ministry
denies it.

Delgado, who worked for the British Weapons Research
Establishment and NASA on missile-tracking systems before retiring,
wrote his book, `Circular Evidence', with Colin Andrews, another
electrical engineer.

They got involved when a fellow engineer asked them to look at
some circles found in a field near his home. Delgado bristle at the
suggestion that he might be regarded as a crackpot for spending time
investigating the circles. The fact remains, he says, that the
circles exist, and no one has explained them.


Additional information obtained from
the January 31st, 1990 airing of Unsolved Mysteries

Of particular interest are two points, the first involves the
focus of the circles in a general triangle around Stonehenge with
a majority of the others being proximal to other menhirs or
megalithic structures.

The second is by far the most interesting especially when
considered in conjunction with our DNAMAST file. It showed a view
of the base a wheat stalk which was bent as if the stalk had been
melted in one area, folded over and allowed to cool. DNA, a complex
molecular structure present in all tissues, can be "melted" in a
process known as "denaturation". This causes the hydrogen bonds
which hold the "stair steps" to the "rails" of a double helix.

When the bonds are disturbed, usually by heating at temperatures
beginning at about 70 degrees Centigrade, the rails break up. If
the structure is allowed to cool before complete separation of the
rails is achieved, in many instances the stair steps will re-form
in the identical pattern as before.

Bearing this is mind, we can see that some form of energy was
produced in the immediate vicinity of the wheat stalks which would
bring about an energetic state similar to that produced by heating.

This could possible have been an anti-gravity force which we
of Vangard believe can be beneficially used on living organisms as
witnessed by the many UFO contact reports where the craft occupants
indicate they are of extreme age (1000 + years) yet look in the
early 20's or 30's. When asked how this is achieved, the reply
indicates that the aging process is suspended or greatly retarded
when the under the impress of the ship's anti-gravity field.

However, should the occupant of the craft remain away from the
ship field too long, the aging process would resume, yet could be
again halted if once again brought within the field of the ship.

See the Plenum newsletter for articles on the rejuvenation
process from a Vangard Sciences point of view. There appears to be
a relationship between counter-clockwise spin, cold, north pole
energy and specific wave patterns. More on this later.

contributed by Jerry W. Decker
February 4th, 1990

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