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The Books of Abraham (PUH) and Some of What Was Revealed By God to Him
God had revealed for Abraham twenty books as reported from the prophet (PUH), and he (the prophet) was asked about their contents so he said: they were all proverbs and it had: O you egoist king of many troubles, I did not send you to gather earth all together, but I sent you to answer the calls of the wronged, for I do answer his calls even if he was a disbeliever, and every man of thought unless he was sick, he got three hours a day, an hour for his God, and an hour to judge himself, and an hour to think about God's deeds to him, and one more hour for him to take what he likes by ways that God did allow,for this hour helps him to accomplish the other hours. The man of thought should live for three: to make a living, to get prepared for his after-life, or to get satisfied in ways that God allowed. Then a man asked the prophet (PUH): and what was there in the books of Moses (PUH)?, he (PUH) answered: they were all examples (lessons) and they contained: I am amazed for the one who is certain of death, how come he becomes happy? And for whoever is certain of hell and fire, how come he laughs? And whoever sees this life and its fluctuations how come he is certain of safety? And for whoever that believes in destiny how come he runs after wealth and riches? And for whoever that is certain of the judgement, why he doesn't work for that day?...etc.

Some tidings about the interpretation of God's saying:
Thus did We show Abraham the kingdom of the heavens and the earth(Al-An`âm:75) as reported from Al-Bâqir (PUH) a speech that has the meaning of that God gave Abraham a strength in his sight to see what is beyond heavens so he saw the Throne and whats beyond it and saw the earth and what was beneath it, and so God did with his beloved the prophet (PUH) and the viceroys after him from his Household (PUH). In some other tidings that Abraham (PUH) saw an angel so he asked: who are you? He answered: I am the angel of death, so then Abraham said to him: can you show me in what shape do you take the soul of a faithful man? Then said the angel of death: turn your face to the other way, and so did Abraham and then he looked back again at him and he saw a young man with a nice shape and beautfil clothes and with good scent, then said Abraham: if the faithful man idn't see in his life except your shape then he had what he desires in this life, then he said to him: can you show me how your shape would be if you're going to take the soul of a disbeliever? So he answered: you won't bear it, but Abraham said: yes I d, and so the angel said: then turn your face away from me and so he did and looked back at him and then he saw a blackman with standing hair and an awful smell with black clothes and flames with smokes going out from his mouth and nose, so when Abraham saw this he went into a coma, and then he woke up and saw the angel back again to his original shape so he said to the angel: O angel of death if the disbeliever just saw your shape he would stop doing wrongdoings in his life.
It is reported from Al-Sâdiq (PUH) back from the prince of believers (PUH) that he said: when God wanted to take the soul of Abraham (PUH) He sent down the angel of death and he said to him: Peace upon you Abraham, he then answered: and peace upon you O angel of death, did you come to me as an inviter or to announce my death? So he answered: but as an announcer for your death O Abraham so answer the call, then he said: O angel of death did you see a friend that makes death to his friend? So then the angel of death got back until he stood between the hands of God, the Exalted and said: O God You heard the talk of Your friend Abraham, so then God did say: O angel of death go back to him and ask him: did you ever saw a lover than don't want to see his love? The great scholar Al-Sayid Ne`matullah Al-Jazâ'iri, the one who mentioned this story, said: inviter here is meant to be as for someone asking and giving the choices as if someone is inviting some guests, and a death announcer is meant to be as someone getting what he desires by force. So when Abraham (PUH) knew that he has the choice, he asked for life to worship God more.
We say yes, and such thing would be done by a man like Abraham (PUH) naturally, and it is possible that he had done such a thing as if he couldn't imagine the situation and got afraid of moving from one world to another and there is the grave and the loneliness and judgement, did you not think about the saying of our prophet (PUH) and his Household (PUT): Whenever a faithful increase in his faith, the more fearful he becomes for God? There are certain tidings and speeches of certain origin and all agreed on their contents that denotes that a believer is in between fear and hope from God as the hands of a balance. Every prophet is scared to the maximum of God and at the same time he has the maximum hope and faith in His mercy. In tidings it is mentioned that when Al-Bâqir (PUH) at the time of his death cried, and then his son, Al-Sâdiq (PUH), said to him: O father why are you crying? So he answered him: for two things, the first is for leaving the beloved and the second is for the greatness and holiness of this situation. Then the most apparent clue for this matter, look to the pray of Abi-Hamza Al-Þumâli, and it is the pray of `Ali ben Al-Husain (PUH). Whoever investigated the lives of prophets and viceroys and their followers he would be sure of what we've mentioned and I think that Abraham refused to move from this life to the after-life because the situation was so holy and great for him, and if he was to live all the age of life itself he would spend it as a worshipper and obeying God without a doubt.
Yes, Al-Husain ben `Ali (PUH) at the day of Karbala at the time of his death and when Al-Shemer ben Ði Al-Jawshan sat over his holy chest, he (PUH) was smiling and the halo filled his face, and he did not care about what they did to him beside raising the truth and showing the true and the false. Can you imagine how the angel of death faced him? I think he was crying as well. Shiites after his death kept saying as reported to him (PUH):
If the religion of Muhammad won't be fixed except by killing me
Then O swords come and take me
Yes some tidings say that Abraham made a pilgrimage to the Holy House at the end of his life, and after the pilgrimage he went back to the lands of Shem, and then the angel of death came to him to take his soul but Abraham hated death, so the angel of death got back to his Lord and said: Abraham hated death, so God then said to him: let go of Abraham, he likes to worship me. Then he (Abraham) saw an old man eating and vomitting whatever he eats, so then Abraham hated life and loved death, then he went into his home and saw a man with a good shape that he never saw something like it before, so he asked him: who are you? He answered: I am the angel of death, so then he said: O Holy Lord! Who hates your closeness and visiting you and you are in such a shape? So he answered: O friend of God, if God wanted goodness for His slave, He sends me in this shape, and if He wants evil for His slave, He sends me in another shape, and so he took his soul in the lands of Shem where his tomb lies now.

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