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Taking Ishmael (PUH) and His Mother Hagar to The Holy House
<>It is mentioned that Abraham used to live in the deserts of the lands of Shem, then when he was given Ishmael (PUH) from Hagar, theit matter became so heavy on Sarah and she had been sad for this since she didn't have any children, so Abraham complaint about this to God, so then God inspired unto him and ordered him to move Ishmael and his mother away from her, so then he said: O God where to? and to what place? So He said: to My place. Then God got down Gabriel with Al-Burâq [Al-Burâq: in Islamic believes, it is a heavenly creature created of light and by which the prophet Muhammad (PUH) was able to travel to Jerusalem and then to heavens in one night. Tidings about this event are mentioned in the beginning of the chapter of Al-Isrâ', which means "The Night Journey"], so it carried them with Hagar to the place of God, and Abraham used to say whenever they pass by a place with trees palms , used to say t Gabriel: O Gabriel in here? And he answeres him back: go ahead, until they reached Mecca and put them in the place of the House (Kaaba), so when they settled down in that place there were some trees there and so Hagar and the others sat in the shadow of one of them, and when Abraham wanted to leave Hagar said to him: O Abraham, are going to leave us in a place that has no one around nor water or plants? So then said Abraham: the One that ordered me to put you here will be enough for you, and then he left them, but before leaving that spot he turned his face towards them and said to God as it is mentioned in quran: Our Lord! Lo! I have settled some of my posterity in an uncultivable valley near unto Thy holy House, our Lord! that they may establish proper worship; so incline some hearts of men that they may yearn toward them, and provide Thou them with fruits in order that they may be thankful(Ibrahim:37). Then Hagar stayed with her son Ishmael (PUH), and when it was noon time, Ishmael became thirsty and asked for water from his mother, so then Hagar wandered in the valley and called: is there anyone in the valley? Then Ishmael disappeared, then she went over Al-Safâ [Mountain's name] and she saw a mirage in the valley and she thought it was water so she came down and approached it, so when she reached Al-Marwâ [the name of the passage in the valley] then Ishmael disappeared from her sight and then she saw a mirage in the position of Al-Safâ, and so on she did that for seven times, and on the seventh time and while she was on Al-Marwâ she looked to Ishmael (PUH) and water appeared under his feet, so she came back to him and gathered the sand around it because it was flowing and so she tightened the flow by gathering the sand around it and that is why it is called Zamzam [Arabic: Zam = tightened, strengthened. Literature]. The tribe of Jorhom at that time were settling in `Arafât [another mountain], so when the water appeared in Mecca and the birds and the rest of animals started to dwell around it they knew that there is some water and they followed them, until then they saw a woman and a boy settlled there under a tree and water appeared for both of them, so they said to Hagar: who are you and what is wrong with you and with this boy? So she said: I am the mother of the son of Abraham the friend of God and this is his son, so they said to her: do you allow us to be near you? So then she took the permission from Abraham because he used to visit them by any chance he had, so then Abraham allowed them and the tribe of Jorhom settled down near them, thus Hagar and Ishmael didn't stay alone, and on the third time when Abraham checked them and saw many people around them he turned to be so glad for this. Then Ishmael grew up and every member of Jorhom's tribe gave them some camels and they used to make a living by them, and then when Ishmael turned to be a man, God ordered Abraham to build the House, so he asked: O God in which spot? So He answered back: in the spot that I revealed the dome over Adam, and the dome remained there even at the time of the flood at the time of Noah (PUH) and when the whole earth was sunk down, God uplifted this dome and so she was called the Saved House because it was saved from sinking [Saved House, in Arabic: Al-Bayt Al-`Ateeq].

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