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Some Sentences About Sarah The Wife of Abraham As Told By Historians
Some historians gave some pictures about Abraham and his wife Sarah and what happened between her and Hagar with her son Ishmael (PUT) and about the reasons for Hagar and her son Ishmael travelling to Fârân (Paran) as in Torah, and Paran is a name given to some locations of which Mecca's mounts are one of them, and lot of these are not suitable for such a high place of prophecy and unjust, and even can not be commited by a conscious man and some of them are not right at all, but it has lot of exaggeration as mentioned in the book of Genesis in Torah, and most of such pictures are taken from jews and it has such matters that they report to Sarah the wife of Abraham (PUH) but it opposes the dignity and nobleness, and there is no doubt that for Muslims, Sarah is considered one of the best of women, and she is attached to the degree of infallibility, and for the prophet and his Household (PUT) she occupies a high leve, and for them she is like Eve the mother of human beings and like Mary the daughter of Amram (PUT), so she is a lady of her time and faithful souls do not accept to report about her and other women untrue things. They mentioned that when Sarah saw the son of Hagar that she gave birth to from Abraham, she said then to Abraham: banish this maid and her son for this maid's son will not inherit with my son Isaac, and they said: then God said to Abraham: Whatever Sarah says do. They say also: So Abraham went in the early morning and took with him bread and water and gave them to Hagar then she put them on her shoulder and her son with her, then he banished her with her son and she went along in the deserts lost and did not know where to go. They said a lot of such tidings and legends, but what we can say for the press that printed such lies and what we can say for its owner, but no strength except by God, the Exalted.
Yes, in Al-Bukhâri [Hadith collection made by Al-Bukhâri after the prophet's death] as reported by Ibn `Abbâs that the prophet (PUH) said in a speech that minds can accept and souls can refuge in, and some of it is that Abraham braught her (Hagar) with her son Ishmael and he was still an infant and he (Abraham) placed them near by the House over the location of Zamzam, and at that time there were no one in Mecca nor water, so he just put them there and gave them dates and water, then Abraham went back from where he came then the mother of Ishmael followed him and said: O Abraham where are you going and leaving us in this valley with no one alive or anything? She said that many times but he did not look at her, then she asked: God ordered you to do this? He said: yes, then she said: then we are not lost. Then she got back and Abraham went along until he reached a position that they can't see him, he faced the House and prayed with these words and raised his hands up to heaven and said: Our Lord! Lo! I have settled some of my posterity in an uncultivable valley near unto Thy holy House..etc(Ibrâhim:37), then the mother of Ishmael started breast feeding for Ishmael and drink of that water until it was all finished and she got thirsty and also her son and then she looked at him and saw him crooked so she hated that view and went along and she found Al-Safâ so she went to the top and looked at the valley that she might find someone but she did not, so she went down into the valley with so much tiredness until she passed the valley and came to Al-Marwâ and she went on top of it looking for someone, but she did not find anyone, and so she did that for seven times. He (Al-Bukhâari) said: said Ibn `Abbâs: the prophet (PUH) said: that is why people now walk between them for seven times [during the pilgrimage] then went she went to Al-Marwâ she heard a sound and she said: Shh! She then paid attention and she heard it clearly then she said: You've been heard, do you have any aid? Then she found an angel searching in the location of Zamzam by his feet (or by his wing) until the water appeared, so she started gathering the water. He (Al-Bukhâri) said: said Ibn `Abbâs: the prophet (PUH) said: Mercy be upon the mother of Ishmael, if she did not take of the water then Zamzam would be a drying-out spring, then the angel said to her: do not be afraid of the place, here is the House of God which will be built by this boy and his father, and God will never make his people astray, and the speech about this matter is long and we've just taken what is in front of you, and it is close to rightness, and not so different from what Imamism suppose, notice and only God knows. In the same speech it is mentioned: Until Jorhom tribe came and lived with them for ages, and it is as an answer from God to Abraham, and so God made lot of people go to them like Jorhom and the Giants (?), and when Ishmael grew up and married from them and been an owner for lot of cattles and riches, then after that he built the House with his holy hands with his father Abraham (PUT), then the mother of Ishmael died (PUH) and he son buried her beside the Holy House and it is the place called now Hajar Ismâ`eel [meaning: The stone of Ishmael], and after his death he was buried also there beside his mother, and this is the most probable we could find by ways we've mentioned afore, and this is the most famous for them [I guess he means by "them" Sunni people] and it is the most suitable for their high level (Abraham and his Household), and only God knows what was hidden.

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