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Chapters and Phrases That Mentioned Abraham (PUH)
Abraham (PUH) was mentioned in twenty five chapters in holy quran: Al-Baqarah, Âl-`Imrân, Al-Nisâ', Al-An`âm, Al-Tawbah, Hud, Yusuf, Ibrâhim, Al-Hijr, Al-Nahal, Mariam, Al-Anbiyâ', Al-Haj, Al-Shu`arâ', Al-`Ankabut, Al-Ahzâb, Al-Sâffât, Sâd, Al-Shurâ, Al-Zokhrof, Al-Ðâriyât, Al-Najm, Al-Hadeed, Al-Momtahanah, Al-A`lâ. In the chapter of Al-Baqarah, the Exalted says: And when Abraham and Ishmael were raising the foundations of the House, (Abraham prayed): Our Lord! Accept from us (this duty). Lo! Thou, only Thou, art the Hearer, the Knower. Our Lord! And make us submissive unto Thee and of our seed a nation submissive unto Thee, and show us our ways of worship, and relent toward us. Lo! Thou, only Thou, art the Relenting, the Merciful(Al-Baqarah:127-128) In the chapter of Âl-`Imrân: Lo! the first Sanctuary appointed for mankind was that at Becca, a blessed place, a guidance to the peoples(Âl-`Imrân:96). In the chapter of Ibrâhim: And when Abraham said: My Lord! Make safe this territory, and preserve me and my sons from serving idols(Ibrâhim:35). In the chapter of Al-Haj:  And (remember) when We prepared for Abraham the place of the (holy) House, saying: Ascribe thou no thing as partner unto Me, and purify My House for those who make the round (thereof) and those who stand and those who bow and make prostration(Al-Haj:26), so follow (read)  and notice  (think).
We've pointed out that the story of Abraham (PUH) is connected to other stories like the story of Lot, and the story of his son Ishmael and the story of his son Isaac, and we've mentioned that Lot was his maternal cousin and also  his nephew and they were in the same time  sequence, and Lot believed in his uncle Abraham and so he was calling people to his religion. The Exalted said:
And Lot believed him, and said: Lo! I am a fugitive unto my Lord(Al-`Ankabut:26). They say that Ishmael was born when Abraham was eighty six years old, and Abraham lived for one hundred and seventy five years, while Isaac was born  while Abraham was  one hundred years old and his mother is Sarah the maternal cousin of Abraham.
They say that Abraham (PUH) got another six children from other woman other than Sarah and Hagar, but quran did not mention apparently except ishmael and Isaac. Torah mentioned that Abraham married a woman called Keturah [Arabic: Qaturah] and she gave birth for six children for him, and it mentioned their names but there is no need to mention them now because it has no effects. In Muruj Al-Ðahab for Al-Mas`udi he said: After Sarah's death, Abraham married Qanturâ' [just another variation of the name] and he had six children from her and they are Marq, Nafas, Madan, Midian, Sinân and Sereh [Hebrew: Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak, Shuah].
Lot was mentioned in fourteen chapters in holy quran: Al-An`âm, Al-A`râf, Hud, Al-Hijr, AL-Anbiyâ', Al-Haj, Al-Shu`arâ', Al-Naml, Al-`Ankabut, Al-Sâffât, Sâd, Al-Qamar, Al-Tahreem. Isaac was mentioned in eight chapters: Al-Baqarah, Âl-`Imrân, Al-Nisâ', Al-An`âm, Ibrâhim, Mariam, Al-Anbiyâ', Sâd. Their stories are mentioned in quran either in details or in brief, sometimes mentioning only some of their matters, and in some others more than that, and most of the prophets and viceroys are mentioned in that way. They mentioned that Ishmael lived for one hundred and thirty seven years, and we've mentioned that he died in Mecca and been buried there in the place that is known as Hajar Isma`eel, that is the one located near by the Holy house, with his mother, and this is the most popular.
It is mentioned that Ishmael had twelve sons, and some of them are: Hadâr, Tayyim, Mibsâm, Dawmah, Qidmah and Qaydâr, and they are mentioned in Genesis in Torah [The full list of names in Torah is: Nebaioth, Kedar, Adbeel, Mibsam, Mishma, Dumah, Massa, Hadad, Temah, Jetur, Naphish, Kedemah], and they mentioned that all of them started tribes of their own, and only God knows. Until now we did not find a specific way of how Abraham died and quran did not mention how, but Torah mentioned that. In summary, Abraham (PUH) lived for one hundred and seventy five years. In Muruj Al-Ðahab for Al-Mas`udi: Abraham died in the lands of Shem, and his age was at that time one hundred and ninty five years, and God revealed upon him ten books. When he died, his sons Isaac and Ishmael in the cave of Al-Makfeelah in the field of `Afroon ben Sarsar Al-Hashi, and there Sarah was buried before him, and it is the place of the monument of Al-Khaleel in Jirun and now it is called the city of Al-Khaleel (Hebron), and its old name was the village of Arbo` as it is mentioned in the tales of Abul-Wahâb Al-Najjâr.

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