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Some of What Was Inspired to David (PUH) and Some of What Was Copied From His Sermons
Al-Mas`udi mentioned, as we pointed out before, that God revealed on David (PUH) the Psalms in Hebrew and composed of one hundred and fifty chapters and it was made of three thirds, and in contained one third about Nebuchadnezzar and what he will do with the Israelites and about his future, and another third is about what they will face from their enemies, and the last third contained sermons and guidance with attraction and warnings, no commands nor forbids, and as mentioned by `Ali ben Tâwoos in the book of Sa`d Al-Su`ud that he saw in the psalms in the third chapter what meant like: O David I made you a leader on earth and Jesus will be taken as a god instead of Me for the power I shall give to him and I made him resurrect the dead by My own permission, O David who did come to Me and sent him away? Who did repent in front of Me and banished him away? Why don't you all sanctify God and He is the One who shaped you? Why don't you banish the sins from your hearts as if you will never die and as if the life is remaining for you? Also in the chapter: O people do not neglect the after-life, O Israelites if you thought about your ends and resurrection and remembered the doomsday and what I had prepared for the sinners, you would laugh a little and cried a lot, but you have forgotten death, and you say and do not act, if you thought about the harshness of the ground and the loneliness of the grave and its darkness your speech would be less and your sanctifications would increase, you don't meditate in the creation of heavens and earth and what I made in them of miracles and warnings, and I made the birds in the skies sanctify and fly in My properties and I am the Forgiver the Merciful, sanctification be to Him the Creator of light...and then he mentioned a lot of what he chose from the chapters of the Psalms that contained the examples and sermons, and some of them is: O David, if you saw a wrong-doer that life had lifted him up don't wish his place for he has one end of two: either I appoint a wrong-doer more than he is so to take revenge of him or I shall make him pay back at the doomsday, O David, if you just can see the owner of sins how a collar made of fire is put around his neck, your mind would be buffled and surprised, so judge yourself and be just toward people and let life, and some of them is: woe tou you, if you just can see the paradise and what I made for My followers of luxury then you wouldn't have medicine for the sake of being healthy, O you who seek the delicious foods and drinks, where are those who made crying along with laughters? where are those who are at My worshipping places in summer and winter? Look today at what your eyes can see, your awake had been long while people are sleeping so enjoy today whatever you wanted for I forgave all of you, and your good deeds did banish away My rage against the people of earth, O David, whoever traded with Me then he is the winner of all of the traders. Also some of them: if your sins were put on the mountains they would knock them down, O David, by My own Exaltation nothing is more harmful to you more than your own money and children and nothing is dearer to your heart more than them, and also: O Adam sons, and sons of ignorance, by My Exaltation, do not look to what I made forbidden for you, if you just saw the end of the sins you would make it so dirty for yourselves, and if you just saw the scentful women and how they became cured of the excitation of habits so they are the satisfied one and never become angry and they are the everlasting ones and never die, and everytime they are deflowered by their owners they become virgin again and sweeter than honey, and between the bed and sitting place there are raging waves, wine and honey every river is going to the other, woe to you this is the great property and the eternal luxury and the happiest life and the everlasting joy.
From the thirtieth chapter of the Psalms as it is mentioned by Ibn Tâwoos: sons of Adam are captives of the dead, work for your after-life and buy it with your current life and don't be people of joy and ignorance, and know that whoever had a loan from Me then his trade is completed, and who had a loan from the devil he shall be with him, why do you compete for the life and stray away from the truth? you had pride in your ancestors but what is the ancestry of a man made of clay? But for Me it is the faith that counts, sanctification be to Him He who created the light. In the fourty-seventh chapter: do you know David why I mutated the Israelites so that I made out of them monkeys and pigs? Because when a rich come to them with a great sin they passed that and when a poor man comes to them with something smaller than that they take revenge of him, I made My curse for every tyrant on earth that does not judge the poor and the rich in one rule, you follow your ego in this life, where to escape when you are alone with Me? How many times did I forbid you to look at the honor of the believers but your tongues reached the honor of people? Sanctification be to the Creator of light. It is also mentioned that the psalms have this verse: but they were busy with life so let them go into it and play in it until My command is issued and I shall not waste the rewards of the faithful people. Sanctification be to the Creator of light.
That was some of what was assured of the sermons in the psalms and it is some of what was mentioned by Ibn Tâwoos in his book "Sa`ad Al-Su`ud" and I had left most of what he had mentioned, and God knows the truth of things, and it has nothing that opposes what other prophets and messangers did bring, and thanks be to God the Lord of worlds.
it is mentioned that God said to David: love Me and make Me beloved by My creation, so he said: O Lord, I love You, but how shall I make You beloved to Your creation? He answered him: mention My favors to them for if you did that they will love Me. They also say that some of what God inspired to him: if My servant get to Me by a good deed then My paradise I shall make for him guaranteed, and then David said: O Lord what is that good deed? He answered: it is to make My faithful servants happy even by a date, then David said: it is true for he who knew You never to lose hope in You.
As attributed to Al-Bâqir (PUH) that he said: while David was sitting and with him there was a young man that looked miserable, and he used to sit with him and be silent all the time, at that time the angel of death arrived and greeted him (David) and then looked at the young man for long time, and then David said to him: you looked at that young man? He answered: yes, I am commanded to take out his soul after seven days in this position, so David had a mercy for him and said to him: O young man, do you have a wife? He answered: no I've never married, so then David said to him: go to that person, who was a great man among the Israelites, and say to him that David commands you to let me marry your daughter at this night, and you take whatever you need of expenses, and then he continued: stay with her O young man for seven days and when the seven days are passed come to me in this position, so the young man went along with the message of David and the great man gave him his daughter as a wife and the young man stayed with her for seven days and came back to David at the eighth day, so David then said to him: how did you see what you have been in? He answered: I've never been in such a luxury as this, and David waited so that his soul is taken, but when the time passed on, David ordered him to leave and be with his family for seven days and come back to him later, so the young man went away and came at the eighth day and sat with him (David), and went away again for another week and came back to sit with him, and then the angel of death came to David so David asked him: didn't you tell me that you were ordered for take the soul of this young man after seven days? He answered: yes, and eight did pass with eight and eight, and then he continued: O David God had mercy for him for your mercy for him so He added to his age thirty more years.
As attributed to Al-Sâdiq (PUH) that he said: God inspired to David (PUH) that the daughter of Aws is one of paradise's people so tell her about it and tell her that she's your companion in paradise, so he went to her and told her so, so she said: it might be a name that is similar to mine, so he said to her: no it is but you yourself, and then she said: O prophet of God, I don't claim you are a liar and by God I don't know in myself whatever you mentioned, then said David: tell me about your heart and mind, so she said: for this I can tell you about, for every pain and every need is revealed on me I've been always patient and I never asked God to give a relief until God Himself give a relief and never asked for compensation and always thanked God for it, and then said David: by this you've become to what are you now, and then Al-Sâdiq (PUH) continued: this is the religion of God that made it for the faithful, and this level is the highest level of satisfaction with God's judgements, and the prince of believers (PUH) used to have a pride for reaching this level and to its core, and he used to say: if God, the Exalted, put me into the hell for torment I wouldn't say it is hell but it is paradise, because He, the Exalted, is satisfied to make it for me and my paradise is His satisfaction, so His wrath is their hell and His satisfaction is their paradise. This level of satisfaction with His judgements is not reached except by His faithful followers and the chosen ones, and whoever claimed it is an arrogant and a liar and no one can reach it except of the faithful ones that God tested their hearts with belief: Few of My bondmen are thankful(Saba':13).
It is mentioned and assured that once the prince of believers (PUH) said to the prophet (PUH) at the day of Ohod [Ohod: name of a mountain and battle that took place near that place. The muslims won the first round of the battle but lost because they left their locations and the disbelievers attacked them from behind] when the muslism did run away from the prophet and he (`Ali ben Abi Tâlib) remained alone striking with his sword defending the prophet, and he then said: O prophet of God you promised me to be a martyr and today is the day for it but what did make me lose its joy? Then the prophet (PUH) to him: you will have it after me when you fight against those who did not fullful their promise and those who are unjust and those who are against religion, and also he used to say: by God, the children of Abi Tâlib are satisfied with death more than a child that is satisfied with the breast of his mother, and he said to his son Al-Hasan (PUH): your father doesn't care if he looked for death or death looked for him...etc. So, the prophet and his viceroy and his Household and their loyality for God and their satisfaction with God's commandments is something finished and not to be discussed, and it is more obvious than the sun and more assured than the yesterday, may God ends our lives with their love and loyality for them, Amen.

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