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Some Benefits That Should Not be Left
It is mentioned that the prophet (PUH) used to seek protection by God against parsimony, so Abu-Ja`far Al-Sâdiq (PUH) was asked about this so he said: yes, every morning and every evening, and we seek protection by God against parsimony and God says: And whoso is saved from his own greed, such are the successful(Al-Taghabun:16). Then he (PUH) said: and I will tell you about the end of parsimony, the people of Lot were parsimonious about food, and this made them sick with such an illness that have no cure, so I said to him: and what is that? He answered: the village of the people of Lot were located on the way of caravans between the lands of Shem and Egypt, and so caravans used to stop in their place for hospitality, so when there had been so much traffic in their lands and they were tired of this hospitality because of their parsimony and their evil spirit, their parsimony made them defame a man (commit sodomy) without them having the lust to do so, but they did it just to make the guests escape, and so their tidings arrived to the near by villages, and so parsimony gave them such an illness that they could not cure without having the lust for doing such thing, and they went to ask men in the lands to do this with them and even gave rewards for that, so the man asking said to the Imam, Al-Bâqir (PUH): all of the village of Lot used to do this? He answered: yes, except one house of believers, didn't you hear God's saying: Then we brought forth such believers as were there.But We found there but one house of those surrendered (to Allah)(Al-Ðâriyât:35-36), and then Lot stayed among them calling them back to God for thirty years, and they used not to clean themselves after excrement and never purify themselves after uncleanness (from semen, pollution), and Lot was a generous man that give hospitality to his guests and aware them about his people, so when his people saw this they said "Have we not forbidden you from (entertaining) anyone ?", and it is a long speech. Then after that when guests used to come to Lot, he kept his hospitality as a secret, until the guest is out of his house for he was afraid that his people would defame him with his guests, for Lot had no tribe to protect him, and Lot along with Abraham expected God's wrath upon them.
Some speeches contained the meaning of that God knew that the people of Lot will never be fixed and that their torture will be in life before the after-life as a revenge for their bad deeds and to be a lesson for others, and God used to delay their punishment for the sake of Abraham and Lot for they hated destroying lands. For this and that, God delayed their punishment until their time had come and had no way back, so He sent His messengers to sink their lands. In tidings: When it was midnight, Lot took his daughters and went out, and his wife went to her people telling them that Lot want to escape, so then said Gabriel (PUH): and I was called from the Throne at the time of dawn: O Gabriel, God's promise for the torture of Lot's people became so true, so pull out their village down from the seventh earth, then fly with it up into heaven and stop it there until the commandment of God arrives to you to flip it down, and leave a portion from the house of Lot to be as reminder for passers by, so I went down to the village and I stroke its east with my right wing and its west with my left wiing and then I pulled it out from the depth of the seventh earth except the house of Lot, then I went up with it in a place where even the creations of heaven can hear the cry of their cocks and the barking of their dogs, so when sun rose up I was called from the Throne: O Gabriel, flip the lands over the people and so I did and made their lowest on the top, and God sent them heavy rains of baked clay, and the position of their lands were in the lands of Shem, so I flipped their lands and made it between the lands of Shem and Egypt and it made some lines out of the sea. We say, flipping the villages of Lot is something that all religions agree on although there are different ways for how it was flipped, and we should not think of a special way for their punishment was done by destroying their lands by many ways and that does not harm the desired essential idea and that God took revenge from them for their evil-doings and their exaggerated tyranny and rebellion against God and His prophet which they harmed so much, and your Lord is no oppressor of (His) bondmen.

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