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Presenting His Daughters to The People of His Village and His Wife Conditions
What is apparent in quran that Lot was giving his daughters to his people whenever they want to harm his guests and some holy phrases say: Here are my daughters, if ye must be doing (so)(Al-Hijr:70). This is something that faithful souls deny and no man with a bit of jealousy accept such a thing even if it was for something important like protecting his guests against the disbelievers and tyrants, so just doing this by giving up his daughters for the wrong-doing is something denied by the mind and can not be done by a faithful man of jealousy. So, how come it is done by a prophet, that is an example of dignity and honour and he is the guidance of God to the people, and it is attributed to the prophet (PUH) and his Household (PUT) what includes the meaning of: whoever started a good habit, then he has its reward and the rewards of people who do it after him until the doomsday, and whoever started an evil habit then he has its punishment and the punishments of people who do it after him until the doomsday. Some people interpreted that just from its apparent meaning, and still it has the same result of meaning, so how about if we were talking about a prophet of God for the people that by him laws and regulations of the religion would be taken and taught and within his hands the right to ban the evil-doings and allow the good-deeds, so just doing such a thing is greatly denied for it is something denied by the mind and also banned by the laws of religion in all religions and it is never found to be allowed since the beginning of creation until this very day, but for protection against such a thing blood had been shed and it is the law that must be kept, and if it was not so then every son of a female even if he has no religion he won't be traced back to an honourable root.
The deeds of the religious authority are subject to be followed and it is taken by people either they believed in such authority or not to take such deeds as clues and people keep telling the stories about such an authority and the tidings would keep up by time, and if it was such deed is bad, then people would mock at religions and take it as something ridiculous and such a thing is against the purpose that for which God sent His prophet, and such deeds would not be issued by a wiseman, and impossible to be issued by a wiseman.
The talk of Lot that was told in quran in the chapter of Hud:
O my people! Here are my daughters! They are purer for you. Beware of Allah, and degrade me not in (the person of) my guests. Is there not among you any upright man ?(Hud:78), and in the chapter of Al-Hijr: They said; Have we not forbidden you from (entertaining) anyone ? He said: Here are my daughters, if ye must be doing (so)(Al_hijr:70-71), such talk is not interpreted on its apparent basis but it is interpreted on the basis of a righteous judgement of religion, and only God knows its exact interpretations and them who are in deep wisdom of this, and they are the ones that quran was revelaed in their homes and that is the prophet (PUH) and his viceroys that are his Household (PUT). It is said about this matter, that what is meant by his daughters is their wives, because people are connected to the prophet sent to them by father, so Lot did not offer his own daughter, but he offered the daughters of the village and they are their own wives as to prevent them from doing the bad deed (sodomy), and some said that what is meant by this is that he offered them for marriage and not adultery which is something allowed, and it is far away from what is apparent, and also it is said that he offered them but not seriously for that they might get back and stop harming him for they know that they would not do such a deed but it was just an exaggeration from him (Lot) to show his unsatisfaction for harming his guests and to show his denial for such bad-doings, and it is like a way to stop the fight between two persons, like coming to one of them and saying "hit me but not him" and if he knew that this person will hit him indeed he wouldn't come to do it, and this last interpretation might be the most probable, but anyway we know that what is meant by the holy phrase is not what is apparent, be aware, and only God knows.

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