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The Wife of Lot (PUH)
The wife of Lot (PUH) was from village and she followed the religion of her own people and did not believe in Lot or his religion and never followed him by any way, but she followed her people and their religion and she liked their deeds and she was an enemy to Lot and to everything connected to him and to anyone who loves him, so she was a disbeliever and used to guide the people for his guests, and they said: she assigned a sign between her and her people to tell them about his guests, and that is whenever guests would come to him at night she would work some fire on the roof of the house, and at daytime she would make a smoke instead, and in some speeches it is mentioned that after leaving Abraham, the angels went to Lot and found him watering his plants, so Lot said to them: who are you? They answered: we are travellers, make us your guests tonight. Then he said: O people, the people of this village are people of evil and God damned them, they commit sodomy with men and take their money, so they said: we've been late, make us your guests. Then he went to his wife and said: we have some guests tonight so keep it a secret and I shall forgive you for all your deeds until this very day, so she said: I will, and when Gabriel and the angels entered to his home, his wife made a fire on the roof and so the people of the village knew about it and came to him from every direction and when they reached the door they said to Lot: Have we not forbidden you from entertaining anyone? He answered: Here are my daughters! They are purer for you, and he meant by that their wives because the prophet is considered to be like the father of his nation so he called them back to what is allowed, so he said: your wives are purer for you. They said: Well thou knowest that we have no right to thy daughters, and well thou knowest what we want, then Lot said when he was despaired: Would that I had strength to resist you or had some strong support.
In speeches: no prophet was sent after Lot unless he was of a high place among his people, and maybe the saying of Lot "
Would that I had strength" was dedicated to the angels and the purpose of it is to mean if only he have strength to protect them, and Lot did not know they were angels at that time, then the angels told him about their real identity and for the purpose for their arrival, but the apparent thing in the holy phrases is that the speech was dedicated to his people and not to the angels, because when they (his people) came running towards him, it is more accurate to be with them at that moment, and only God knows.When the people tried to take the guests of Lot out of his home by force and attacked his house, God made them unable to see any place to get into the house, and so they did not see the way nor the door and did not know where are they, and the earth shaken under their feet and their heads flipped upside down and their eyes and their hearts been blind.
Then angels took out Lot and his daughters and his wife from the village and ordered them that no one should look back and they should go to wherever they are ordered, so they obeyed the commandments except his wife and she looked back to the village to see what happened to it and her heart was there more than it is with Lot, and so she had the punishment that was revealed on them, and she was a disbeliever, so God rained with baked clay, and flipped their lands and made the highest of it to the lowest, and God said in the chapter of Al-Tahreem:
Allah citeth an example for those who disbelieve: the wife of Noah and the wife of Lot, who were under two of Our righteous slaves yet betrayed them so that they (the husbands) availed them naught against Allah and it was said (unto them): Enter the Fire along with those who enter(Al-Tahreem:10). It is said that in Torah mentioned the story in the same way that quran did but it did not mention anything about offering his daughters, and it mentioned that while the wife of Lot was walking away from the village she looked back at her people and then she was turned to a pillar of salt, and Lot with his daughters then took refuge in a village called Zoar which was kept in safe.

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