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Moses Choosing Seventy Men For God's Appointed Tryst
It is mentioned before the story of the calf and its worshippers from the folks of Moses while he went away in an appointment with God to get the Torah and he came back to them and the tablets were in his hands and when he saw that they were worshipping the calf, he threw the tablets and some of them got broken and when Moses came calm he took the tablets and blamed his brother Aaron and he wanted to kill the Samarian but the will of God decided that he (the Samarian) should stay alive, so he banished him out and exiled him and the speech about it was mentioned in details, as for those who followed the Samarian and they were seventy thousand from his people as some said, they all turned in penitence and they were part of a total of seven hundred thousand of the people of Moses from the Israelites. When he wanted to get back to the mountain of Sinai to worship God there, his people asked him to hear the speech of God as he does, and since it is not possible that all shall come with him he chose only seventy men of them and they were considered the best for he chose seventy thousand out of seven hundred thousand, and then he picked seven thousand out of them, and so on until it reached only seventy men of their most faithful men, so they went with him and he made them sit at the foot of the mountain and he went up over the mountain, so when God talked to him after he requested that God let them hear Him as he does, God then dedicated His speech towards them and they heard it from every direction, from top and bottom and right and left and front and back, and when they heard that they got confused and their minds went out of control and they did not believe that this voice they heard was truely for God except of those most faithful of them for they did not doubt about what happened and it is indeed the speech of God, and most of them did not believe that it was the voice of God indeed and even they went back to Moses asking him to show them God as they do see each other and talk to them and God is Exalted for such things, and they asked that so that no doubt remains in themselves but Moses denied that and blamed them and told them that God is not to be seen not in this life nor in the after-life but his words were useless for them and they said to him: God then is able to show us Himself for He is able to do anything He desires, and for this request the lightning seized them while they were gazing.
They say also that when they insisted with their request and did not accept the excuse of Moses, God showed some of His light to the mountain and it turned to ruins so they all turned shocked and dead, and then God resurrected them after the prays of Moses and his requests for forgiveness towards them, so God forgave them and resurrected them by His mercy and power, and God destined the mercy for the faithful, those who give the poor and do the prayings and believe in the miracles of God and never rebel or oppose the commandments of God and His prophet after being into the belief as it is the way of the truely faithful men of the folk of Moses, and they are those who will follow the prophet who can neither read or write, who is from Mecca, that comes after him (Moses), whom they will find described in the Torah and the Gospel, and he is described for them as: He will enjoin on them that which is right and forbid them that which is wrong. He will make lawful for them all good things and prohibit for them only the foul; and he will relieve them of their burden and the fetters that they used to wear(Al-A`râf:157).
What is understood from God's saying: He said: I smite with My punishment whom I will, and My mercy embraceth all things, therefore I shall ordain it for those who ward off (evil) and pay the poor-due, and those who believe Our revelations; Those who follow the messenger, the Prophet who can neither read nor write..etc(Al-A`râf:156-157), is that giving notice about Muhammad (PUH) and his Household and that was when talking to Moses before their appearance for more than one thousand and five hundred years, and God is blaming the people of Moses of the Israelites and showing them along with others that He has servants not like the people of Moses in their harshness and tyranny, but they are people of dignity that obey His commandments and believe in God and His revelations without complaining, and they are the believers in Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad (PUT) and they are His special and they are the people of faith and they are those who are tested by God for their faith, so they are their (the prophet and his Household) beloved and they are the people that are loyal to them and they are the saved group that hold into the straight path, and they are the ones that God will show them for every prophet and viceroy and all the angels in pride, and no deeds for any male or female is to be accepted except by the loyality to Muhammad and his Household (PUT).
This is the truth that is held by people of wisdom in every nation and this is what is believed by the scholars of the righteous people of muslims, so the prophecy of Muhammad and his message and his name with his Household, Al-Zahrâ' (Fatimâ) and Al-Murtadhâ (`Ali) and Shubbar (Al-Hasan) and Shubayr (Al-Husain) with their grandfather the prophet (PUH), all are mentioned and described and the loyality towards them is assigned in Torah inspirte of whatever changes occured to it, and what we had mentioned is already mentioned in some positions in Torah in Hebrew in the stories of Moses, notice it and you will find it. So on it is the situation with the rest of the books of prophets, for it had contained their names and telling about them and mentioning the land that the prophet (PUH) will be out from and travel out from it and the land of his end, this is some of what was mentioned by the faithful scholars, and more to come by God's will later on, and there is no strength except by Him, the Exalted, the High.

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