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Something About Johsua ben Nun
After Moses, Johsua ben Nun had the leadership, having patience and waiting for the relief to enter the holy lands, until three giants of them passed away and they turned to be weak and Joshua turned to be stronger and their kings were afraid of him, and when he wanted to go into the lands, two hypocrites of the folks of Moses and with them was Moses' wife, Zipporah the daughter of Jethro, and with them one hundred thousand men of the Israelites and they fought against Joshua ben Nun the viceroy of Moses but Joshua defeated them and killed so much of them and defeated the others by the will of God and he captured Zipporah and released her later and he said to her: I've released you this is what the prophet of God Moses ben Amram ordered me, so I forgive you in this life until we meet with the speaker to God, Moses ben Amram, so I will complain to him what I faced from you and your people, then Zipporah said: woe to me, by God if paradise was given to me I would be ashamed to get into it and see the prophet of God while I did break his covenant and fought against his viceroy after his death.
In Muruj Al-Ðahab: and Moses died and he was one hundred and twenty years old, and signs of oldness did not appear on Moses and Aaron and they always looked young, and he (the narrator) said: when Moses ben Amram died, Joshua ben Nun wandered with the Israelites toward the lands of Shem (Canaan) and it was full of giants and he sent some armies and he had battles with them so he tookover Jericho of the lands of Ghawr (the low lands) and it is the land of the stinking lake that no one sinks in it and has no life (the Dead Sea), then he (the narrator) said: and other philosophers talked about it and to it (the dead sea) ends the water of the lake of Tabariyah and it is the river Jordan. Then he mentioned some of the characteristics of this lake [and some other details here about the geography of the area] and this is not the place to mention it.
It is mentioned also that the king of Canaan and he was Al-Samayda` ben Hubar ben Mâlik marched to Joshua ben Nun and there were wars between them until Joshua killed him and tookover all his kingdom and so he did to other giants. Joshua lived among the Israelites after Moses for twenty nine years, and it is said that Joshua died and he was one hundred and twenty years. Another saying is that Joshua lived with the Israelites after Moses and he passed to the promised lands with the Israelites and the first land they conquered was Jericho and God ordered them to enter the gate of the city prostrating and humiliating to God and to say "Repentance" but the people disobeyed God's commandment and they did not care about it for they are used to disobey and rebel, for this God sent His wrath upon them and you've saw before how many times they were stroke with the wrath of God but in everytime Moses was praying for their forgiveness.
As attributed to Al-Baydhâwi he said that the city they got into first was Jerusalem or Jericho and they were ordered to prostrate when they get into it and say: God forgive our sins, and most probably it is Jerusalem and for this one of its gates was called "Bâb Hittah" (the Gate of Repentance) and only God knows.
God did say: And when We said: Go into this township and eat freely of that which is therein, and enter the gate prostrate, and say: "Repentance." We will forgive you your sins and will increase (reward) for the right-doers. But those who did wrong changed the word which had been told them for another saying, and We sent down upon the evil-doers wrath from heaven for their evil-doing(Al-Baqarah:58-59), and the wrath might be the plague that did spread among them and doomed about seventy thousand as it had been said.
Anyone who looks into the conditions of the Israelites and into the book of God where He mentions them and into the other Heavenly-revealed books that mentions them, and see how harsh they had been and how impolite they were with God and His prophets, he will find that God spoiled them and treated them well as a mother would treat her only child, so He brought the miracles to them and showed them lot of His own secrets and knowledge, while He destroyed the wrong nations, and He bore their harshness and tyranny and never left a way to make them get satisfied but they increased in their tyranny. We've stopped in our research at the point that the nations that God banished in front of them (the Israelites) were more tyrant and rebellious, and it is said that it is found in some holy books that Moses said to the Israelites: do not think that God will bring you to the holy lands or your holiness or infallibility or for serving Him, no, but He will banish the nations in front of you for they were more tyrant and wrong-doers. Moses and Aaron did a great job trying to fix the situation of the Israelites and they bore for this the rebels, and God did praise them for their hard work and patience for this adversity that came from this rebellious nation that has nothing to be described with except of being harsh and sturbborn, while Moses and Aaron had that great faith for God the One. God did say in the chapter of Mariam: And make mention in the Scripture of Moses. Lo! he was chosen, and he was a messenger (of Allah), a prophet. We called him from the right slope of the Mount, and brought him nigh in communion(Mariam:51:52), and in the chapter of Al-Sâffât: And We verily gave grace unto Moses and Aaron, And saved them and their people from the great distress(Al-Sâffât:114-115).

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