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Some Sermons From The Stories of Moses and Aaron (PUT)
Adversities and troubles that were poured upon the household of Amram and all the Israelites, were followed with victory, and for this it is rightful to say: Goodness may come from Adversities, and Moses travelled out of Egypt for he was afraid of the pharaoh and all the goodness were found from his travel, and he was given a family instead of his family, and God chose him and made him close and sent him with bright miracles to who he was afraid of before, and God made him a way of relief for his people from the pharaoh and his folks, so everyone that depended on God in his life and tasks, He will guarantee for him who will gain victory for him and make things go with ease for him, as He guaranteed for Moses that old faithful man in the lands of wrong, and he was a reason for his safety and a reason to get God's inspiration and power, and whoever holds the path of truth and he is sure of it then he would not care about the obstacles he may face even if they were so great, so the pharaoh was talking with his tyranny to Moses as if he was nothing to talk to and said: Lo! I deem thee one bewitched, O Moses, and then Moses answered him in carelessness: In truth thou knowest that none sent down these (portents) save the Lord of the heavens and the earth as proofs, and lo! (for my part) I deem thee lost, O Pharaoh. This is from Moses after the soft talk for God said to him and to his brother: And speak unto him a gentle word, that peradventure he may heed or fear(TaHa:44).
When Moses came to let him down of the throne of being a god and remove this tyranny and calling to worship the only God, Lord of the creations, the pharaoh desired to kill him and ordered his soldiers to catch him and kill him but the Exlated defended him by the way of one who does that, so He appointed for him the faithful man of the pharaoh household the one who made his faith a secret and he started to give advices for the pharaoh about the power of God and giving examples for him by the past nations and careless to his (the pharaoh) tyranny, for the true faith when tasted by the man it will conquer all his feelings and for it he will humiliate every danger in this life, and enough clue about this is the faith of the magicians and their believe in Moses and the Lord of Moses with carelessness toward the pharaoh and his tyranny and whatever he promised for them of torture.
The patience for adversities for the sake of God is something that bears the good end, those are the Israelites were tested with the hard adversities like enslaving and captivating their women and killing their children, and they had patience for these adversities and troubles and humiliation, and God then made the end for them beautifully as He said: And the fair word of thy Lord was fulfilled for the Children of Israel because of their endurance(Al-A`râf:137), and as a clue for what we had pointed out about the conditions of the Israelites what is pointed out by the prince of belivers (PUH) in his speech that is called "Al-Qâsi`ah" about the adversities coming over the children of Ishmael and Isaac and the Israelites, and he (PUH) said: meditate in their conditions in their Wandering and separation when the Chosroes and the Caesars were lords for them and owned them from the countrysides and from the sea of Iraq and the greenish of life, and sending them to the poor lands and lands of rough winds and for the hard living, so they left them poor and had nothing but wools and camels' hair, the most humiliated among the nations in their living and the poorest in their settling, never come together by the religion nor to the shade of an intimacy to depend on its dignity..etc.
How honest Moses was and how clement and how much passion did he have for the Israelites, as for God he sent His wrath upon them when they worshipped the calf instead of God and revealed upon them what was to vanish them when the mountain shaded them and been upon their heads, and also when they asked Moses to see God and God doomed them by the shout and Moses prayed to God and said: My Lord! If Thou hadst willed Thou hadst destroyed them long before, and me with them. Wilt thou destroy us for that which the ignorant among us did? It is but Thy trial (of us). Thou sendest whom Thou wilt astray and guidest whom Thou wilt: Thou art our Protecting Friend, therefore forgive us and have mercy on us, Thou, the Best of all who show forgiveness. And ordain for us in this world that which is good, and in the Hereafter (that which is good), Lo! We have turned unto Thee. He said: I smite with My punishment whom I will, and My mercy embraceth all things, therefore I shall ordain it for those who ward off (evil) and pay the poor-due, and those who believe Our revelations; Those who follow the messenger, the Prophet who can neither read nor write, whom they will find described in the Torah and the Gospel (which are) with them. He will enjoin on them that which is right and forbid them that which is wrong. He will make lawful for them all good things and prohibit for them only the foul(Al-A`râf:155-157), this was pointed out by Abdul-Wahâb in his stories and continued saying, briefly: lot of Israelites immigrated to Hijâz after they had been in the holy lands, Palestine, and they made it as their home land and they did not get back to Egypt that they went out from and they did not choose the lands of Iraq which was the land of their fathers, although Hijâz did not have an abundant production compared to other spots, so they settled in Khaybar and Wâdi Al-Qurâ (Valley of Villages) and Medina, and of them the tribes of Al-Nadheer, Quraydhah and Al-Mustalaq and others, and they built there many forts and locations and they were made by separate tribes in these lands, and the question is what did bother them and made them out of their homeland in Palestine and what made them separated from each other and from that holy land?
It might be said that what made them separate is their hypocrisy and their wars against each other and killing each other by their own hands and their bad intentions, and when they were with Moses they had many opinions as mentioned before, and this is not a hidden thing for he who investigated about them, and after Moses they were divided into two, some of them were with his viceroy Joshua ben Nun and the others were against him, and they were killing each other, and after that they remained like this for long time, and the speech about them will come later on by God's will, and it might be said that they did not go back to Egypt after spending four hundred years there because of what they faced of humiliation in there and they went out of it with fear, and they did not choose Iraq for they were banished from there and they had no role in it, and even they are pessimistic about it as they are so concerning Egypt, and Hijâz had their cousins the children of Ishmael ben Abraham (PUT), and they are their inhabitants since the time of Ishmael and his mother Hagar (PUT).
Maybe the reason for going out of Palestine as well is the invasion of the Roman emperor Titus for their lands and destroying the Temple that they were proud of it in front of all the nations and proud of its large size and its building of gold and silver, and yes they were promised for a prophet that reads not and writes not and found him mentioned in the Torah and the Gospel..etc, and he would be sent in Hijâz from the children of Ishmael (PUT) and his appearance will be in Medina, so they immigrated to place of his appearance as to wait for him, and this is possible, but when he appeared with miracles and with that eternal miracle, the Holy Quran, they did not believe in him and fought against him, and how many times did they make a covenant with him and broke it, and never fulfilled a covenant nor a condition until he (the prophet) killed many of them and banished the others, and he was cautious toward them until the end of his life, and they had nothing but the rebellious nature and hypocrisy whever they went, settled or travelled, and God is the leader of His creation and His servants and He knows everything.
This is the last thing we did like to mention about the conditions of His gracious prophet, Moses ben Amram and his brother Aaron, so may peace be upon them and upon our prophet and his Household and thank be to God the Lord of the worlds.
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