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UFO's and the Occult Reich

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                                 November 25, 1990

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                            UFO's and the Occult Reich
                                      by TAL

                      From: Nevada Aerial Research Newsletter
                         P.O. Box 1701 Rock Springs Drive
                             Las Vegas,  Nevada 89128

       Many civilizations with  "flying  saucers"  exist,  and  are  hidden
       inside this planet. Beings which generate  out of their own thought,
       various craft which are among us.  There are also the UFO craft that
       are built by surface cultures.

       All these are linked together in various ways.  Most  all  of  these
       are OCCULT (hidden)...and most are "messengers of deception".

       In 1867, Wentworth  Little  founded the English Rosicrucian Society.
       He was in contact with the German Rosicrucians. Little recruited his
       followers, up to 144 people, from  the  ranks  of the higher-ranking

       One of his  disciples  was  Bulwer  Lytton, who was  a  learned  man
       celebrated throughout the  world  for  his  novel  "The Last Days of
       Pompeii". He also wrote "The Coming  Race" (Zanoni) which featured a
       mystical pre-Nazi group in Germany.

       This Berlin group  called  itself  the  "Luminous Lodge",  or  "Vril
       Society" Vril (like the force) has enormous energy potential.

       The book describes  a  race  of  men  physically  far  in advance of
       surface humans.  They have acuired  powers  over themselves and over
       all material objects.

       They lived in  caves  and  would  emerge to reign over  the  surface
       world. The most  prominent  member  of  the  Vril  Society  was Karl
       Haushofer, a close confidant of Hitler,  Hess and Rosenburg, who all
       belonged to the Thule Society (Thule Gesellschaft)  that was founded
       in Munich in 1918.

       Thule was a  neo-Gnostic racist group, which became a rallying front
       for the societal roots of Nazi thought. The chief architect of the

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       Thule group was  Baron  Rudolf von Sebottendorff (Rudolf Glauer) who
       had direct contact with the Dervish  Orders  and  knew  a great deal
       about Islamic mysticism, particularly Sufism in all its aspects.  He
       also had contact with Herman Pohl, leader of the German Order
       Walvater of the Holy Grail.

       Nazi occultism was  a  mixture  of  influences   and   a   host   of
       interrelated secret societies,  including  the  Bavarian Illuminati,
       the Knights Templar, the Teutonic Knights, the Holy Vehm, the Golden
       Dawn, the Rosy-Cross, the Vril Society,  the  German  Order  and its
       offshoot, the Thule Society.

       Thule is known as the capital of Hyperborea, in the polar regions.
       Also known as "Ultima Thule", it was the gateway to other worlds.

       It was known to serve as both a place to leave the earth and a place
       on the rim of the opening to the "hollow earth".  It  is interesting
       to note that  the  major powers of the earth have microwave stations
       setup in the area, broadcasting ELF waves on brain-wave freqencies.

       Tradition has it that Hyperboreans  were  in  contact  with  various
       "alien cultures". War supposedly broke out between  the Hyperboreans
and other civilizations (atomic war).

Descendants of the Thule caste (Celts) emigrated elsewhere to other
areas of the planet. They colonized these areas, driven by "memory
chromosomes" inherited from their space-travelling ancestors.

These star seed people are mostly of Celtic origin (Basques, Irish,
English, Norsemen, Icelanders, Bretons, Spaniards and Portuguese)
which, strangely enough, make up the largest percentage of RH-
NEGATIVE blood types.

Current neo-Nazis are allegedly trying to locate and control these
people. Apparently, most contactees have RH-blood type. Are UFO
cultures tracking their own "cross-breeds"?

The Grand Lodge of Vril was seeking to re-unite the ancient Aryan
traditions and to make contact with the original super-human
"luminous race" and to make an alliance with beings who have secret
sanctuaries hidden inside the planet.

The book "UFOs - NAZI SECRET WEAPON?" by Mattern-Friedrich brings
out some interesting information, It seems that Victor Schauberger
(1885-1958) invented a number of "flying disks" for the Nazis
between 1938 and 1945.


Vangard Notes...

We have seen a copy of a letter from Schauberger to a friend
which states that he worked at Matthausen concentration camp
directing technically oriented prisoners and other German
scientists in the successful construction of a saucer.

In this letter written by Schauberger, he gives further
information from his direct experience with the German military :

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"The "flying saucer" which was flight-tested on the 19th
February 1945 near Prague and which attained a height of
15,000 metres in 3 minutes and a horizontal speed of 2,200
km/hours, was constructed according to a Mod l 1 built at
Mauthausen concentration camp in collaboration with the
first-class engineers and stress-analysts ASSIGNED TO ME
from the prisoners there.

It was only after the end of the war that I came to hear,
through one of the workers UNDER MY DIRECTION, a Czech,
however, there was no answer to my enquiry.

From what I understand, just before the end of the war, the
orders. That's the last I heard of it.

In this affair, several armament specialists were also
involved who appeared at the works in Prague, shortly
before my return to Vienna, and asked that I DEMONSTRATE
the fundamental basis of it:



Schauberger and his son lived in the United States for a short time
after the war, where he was reported to be working on a top secret
UFO project in Texas for the US Government.

Reports of Aryan looking saucer pilots are many. Long haired blond
folks that speak German. It is interesting to note that the so-
called "venusian" saucer design of contactees all look like German
saucer designs.

The Thule Society is still alive in the minds of neo-Nazi (Fourth
Reich) occulists.

There is a booklet going around that reports to be the secret log of
Admiral Richard Byrd. In 1978, copies were sent out by the Hollow
Earth Research Society in Ontario, Canada.

Ivan Boyes, its director, claims that "after the war, the allies
discovered that over 2,000 scientists from Germany and Italy had
vanished along with almost a million people to the Land beyond the

This is apparently what Admiral Byrd's expedition was all about. To
hunt them down. The domain of the Arianni.

The "Flugelrads" (wingwheels) were noted in the secret log as being
sent to the surface world to investigate the first nuclear

These were the model T's of the German saucer design. Do we have a
myth in the making? So ... Admiral Byrd goes back and tells the

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Pentagon and the President what he has seen. They order him to be

It seems that the inner earth cavern civilizations and the lands
inside the earth have been a part of the occult/military secret for
a long time.


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