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Who are the Ufonauts? (Book of Enoch)

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                                 November 18, 1990


                          The Watchers and the Giants...

                               The Book of Enoch...

             "Go speak to the Watchers of Heaven, who have sent you to
              intercede for them.  Tell them, You should intercede for
              men, and not men for you.  Why did you leave lofty holy
              Heaven to sleep with women, to defile yourselves with the
              daughters of men and take them as your wives, and like the
              children of the earth to beget sons, in your case giants?

              Though you  were holy and spiritual, living the eternal life,
              you defiled yourself with  the  blood  of  women,  you  begot
              children with  the blood of flesh, and like  the  others  you
              have lusted  after  flesh  and  blood as do those who die and

              Because they  perish  I  gave   them   wives  so  they  might
              impregnante them, have children, and nothing  be  lacking  on
              the earth.   But  you  were  spiritual  and  immortal for all
              generations of the world.  so I gave you no wives, for Heaven
              is your proper dwelling place.  And now the giants, offspring
              of spirit and flesh, will be called spirits on the earth, and
              earth shall be their dwelling.   Their  bodies  emitted  evil
              spirits because they were born from human women  and the holy

              The giants  afflict, oppress, destroy, attack over the earth.
              Although they hunger and  thirst,  they  do  not  eat.   They

              These spirits will rise up against men and women because they
              proceed from  them.  "The giants will slaughter,  unpunished,
              until the  day  of  the  great  judgment.   Then the age, the
              Watchers, and the godless will be wholly consummated.

              As for the Watcher who sent  you  to intercede for them, tell
              them: 'You were in Heaven but the mysteries were not revealed
              to you.  You knew worthless ones, and in the hardness of your
              hearts you revealed these to women, and through these secrets
              women and men work much evil earth.'  Say to  them, 'You have
              no peace.'"

                                      Page 1


       "And the archangel Uriel said to me, 'Here shall stand the
       angels who have been attached to women.  Their spirits,
       assuming many different forms, are defiling mankind and
       will lead them astray into sacrificing to demons as gods.
       Here they shall stand till the day of the winds of Heaven
       which turn and bring the circumference of the sun and all
       the stars to their setting..."


             "And the  men  carried me up on to the fifth heaven, and I saw
              there many troops, Grigori,  and  their  appearance was human
              and their size greater than that of great  giants  and  their
              faces withered,  and  the  silence of their mouths perpetual,
              and there was no service on  the  fifth heaven, and I said to
              the men who were with me, 'Why are their faces melancholy and
withered, their mouths silent, and why is there no service on
this heaven?'

And they said to me, 'These are the Grigori, who with their
prince Satanail, rejected the Lord of light, and after them
are those who are held in great darkness on the second heaven
and three of them went down to earth from the Lord's throne
to the place Ermon, and broke through their vows on the
shoulder of the hill Ermon and saw how good are the daughters
of men.

They took them as their wives, and befouled the earth with
their deeds, and in all times of their age were lawless and
promiscuous. Giants (Nephilim) were born and marvelous big
men and great enmity.

And therefore God judged them with great punishment, and they
weep for their brethren and they will be punished on the
Lord's great day.'" NOTE: Grigori. Giant angels, also called
Watchers, who revolted in Heaven and sinned with the
daughters of men. In Genesis 6:2, "the sons of God (fallen
angels), looking at the daughters of men, saw that they were
pleasing and married as many as they chose."

The intercourse of God's angels with humans enraged God. In Genesis
6:3, we read God's words: "My spirit must not be disgraced in man,
for he is but flesh." As punishment "his life shall last for no
more than a hundred and twenty years." For all this wickedness and
corruption, in the next lines, God introduces Noah and the Flood.
Ermon is considered to be Mount Hermon in upper Galilee today.


Before the Indian Hindu (Mohenjo Daro) "Aryans," legend has it that
the first great Aryans were the Neflheim (Nephilim in the book of
Genesis in the Bible, i.e., the Giants of Old, i.e., fallen angel-
human hybrids) who existed in the "north" in the centre of their
land of which was a well from which sprang twelve rivers.

The god of this northland was Odin who was considered the greatest
of sorcerers, and imparted his knowledge of his art to his
Page 2

Frigga was his queen, and the mother of Baldur, the Scandinavian
Apollo. Thus, in legend we see the Nephilim of the north spreading
out of the north, across Europe, and eventually coming to India.
Indian and Tibetian esoteric Hinduism/Buddhism plays a central role
in the Theosophy of Helena P. Blavatsky.


She was born Helena Hahn, the duaghter of a Russian colonel, in
1831, and whe was the cousin of Sergei Witte, latter prime minister
and friend of Rasputin. Married at sixteen to a man twenty-four
years her senior, she deserted him after a while -- the marriage
still unconsummated -- and began her wanderings around the world.

Count Witte said she became a bareback rider in a circus, taught the
piano in Paris and London, became assistant to the medium Daniel
Dunglas Home for a while, managed an artificial flower factory in
Tiflis, and periodically turned up at her home in Ekaterinoslav
looking plumper and stranger than ever.

She also traveled by her own account in Mexico, Texas, India, Canada
and Tibet. She acquired some reputation as a medium in Russia and,
in 1873, went to America and found the country in the grip of a
spiritualist craze.

Two brothers name Eddy were the prominent materialisation mediums,
and it was at their farm near Chittenden, Vermont, that Madame
Blavatsky met a bearded lawyer who possessed the honorary rank of
Colonel -- Henry Steel Olcott.

Throughout her life, acquaintances spoke of strange knocks and
rappings that occurred in her presence. Occasionally notes dropped
out of the air detailing her needs, and she explained that they (the
notes) were from certain secret Mahatmas she had met in Tibet,
spiritual adepts who would one day regenerate the world.

There was also a Brotherhood of Luxor -- in these early days, HPB
tended to emphasize Egypt rather than Tibet -- whose members sent
messages to the readers of "The Banner of Light," the spiritualistic
newspaper that publicised her doings in exchange for a certain
amount of financial support.

It was on September 7, 1875, that Madame Blavatsky embarked on the
career that was to make her world-famous. A certain Mr. Felt had
lectured to a small study group about the hermetic secrets embodied
in the measurements of the pyramids.

He explained that those secret 'laws of proportion' could also
invoke spirits, although, he added, the spirits he had seen showed
no sign of intelligence. It was from this study and the suggestions
from Mr. Felt that soon the Theosophic Society was born.

In September, 1877, after endlessly writing day after day, the book
"Isis Unveiled" was published by HPB. This book contained blendings
from the Kabbalah, Cornelius Agrippa, Pythagoras, Buddhist, Hindu
and Taoist scripture.

Primary among the tenets of Theosophy of HPB is her doctrine of
"root races." According to HPB the first root race lived near the

Page 3

North Pole [Note: compare this location to the one above where North
is mentioned] and they were invisible, being made of firemist;

the second, living in northern Asia, were just visible -- they
invented sexual intercourse;

the third root race were the ape-like giants of Lemuria, who
communicated telepathically and could not reason in our sense;

the fourth were the Atlanteans, who were destroyed through black

we are the fifth (and according to occultist Lewis Spence, we are
also heading the way of Atlantis);

the sixth root race will evolve from the present human race and will
live on Lemuria (in the Pacific) again;

after the seventh root race, life will leave our earth and
start up on Mercury.

The manuscript of "The Secret Doctrine," another foundational text
of the theosophists, was a huge pile of jumbled papers. Various
friends of HPB read it and said it was incomprehensible. She told
them to get to work on it; so the book was typed, then rearranged.

The book came out in 1888. Annie Bessant, who had been a Fabian
Socialist and George Bernard Shaw's mistress, reviewed it, and
wanted to meet the author. In 1889, Bessant met Blavatsky and
immediately became a disciple of Theosophy much to the dismay of the
Fabian Socialists.

Upon HPB's death on May 8, 1891, Annie Bessant became the leader of
the Theosophic Society. Still, after her move to Theosophy,
Bessant's contacts with the Fabian Society continued even though she
had moved to India, converted to Hinduism, and become the world
leader of the Theosophical movement.

In July, 1907, Bessant gave a lecture to a Fabian audience on "The
Future of Socialism." Before her death in 1933, Annie Bessant
continued the writings of the Theosophic Society including "The
Ancient Wisdom."

Another called "Esoteric Buddhism" is reported to have been written
by Sinnet. These later writings are full of references to the
Upanishads and Buddhist scriptures. It is of interest that an
important symbol of these Eastern religions is the hackencruze;
i.e., the swastika.
Vangard Notes...

The Swastika is a powerful good luck symbol derived from the
Eastern Indians. The symbol adopted by the Germans rotates to
the left with a CCW (counter-clockwise) spin. The original
symbol rotates to the right with a CW (clockwise) spin.

We have information showing that energy or geometries
possessing a CCW spin pull energy TOWARD the viewer, while a CW
spin pulls energy AWAY from the viewer.

Page 4

This is referred to as Circular Polarization in the path of a
flow of energy such as transmission of radio or TV frequencies.

When you see the Swastika symbol, before you make a judgement
as to its meaning, check the spin direction.



In 1923, Hitler was campaigning for power in the period of the
Weimar Republic of Germany. German had just lost World War I and
the settlements as Versai were most repressive as far as Germans
were concerned. In these campaigns, many of which were conducted by
quick airplane hops to different Germany cities, Hitler had
accompanying him one Detrick Eckart.

Detrick Eckart was an official in the Thulegessellschaft, i.e., the
Theosophic Society of Germany. It was later that Hitler would
dedicate his book MEIN KAMPF to Detrick Eckart and, it is known,
that Eckart was a trusted advisor of Hitler in these early days.

Even before, in 1919, the peculiar figure of Dietrick Eckart was
involved in the start of the nucleus of the Nazi Party when it was
called "Deutsche Arbeiterpartei" which claimed to carry on the ideas
of "the Free Workers' Committee for a Good Peace."

Eckart was a heavy-jowled, fat little man of just over fifty-one and
he often frequented the Munich beer-halls to inveigle against the
Jews and "the traitors of Berlin." He came into contact with
several other discontented "idealists" at the time including Alfred
Rosenberg, who was obsessed with the importance of racial purity.

It was Hitler himself who was later to join up with the "German
Citizens' Union." It was Detrick Eckart who persuaded the Union to
make Hitler their propagandist on October 16th, 1919. Hitler, due
to his oratory skills, gave the party a program and brought the
party out into the open.

By February 24th, 1920, the German Workers' Party had adopted its
"Twenty-five Points" and, significantly, established the "Black
Guards," i.e., a private army.

By August 7th, 1920, the fuller title of "Nationalsozalistische
Deutsche Arbeiterparei" was adopted. Shortly later the anti-Semitic
sheet, the "Volkischer Beobachter," the Party's newspaper was
distributed by one Hermann Esser.

Detrick Eckart was of the opinion that he could inspire a lesser
mind but a greater leader to the regeneration of Germany. He was,
however, assisted by one Alfred Rosenberg.

Race is at the bottom of the National Socialist (Nazi) philosophy.

"A man in born Nordic or Jew or of some other race, and he can
no more change his racial characteristics than he can alter
his skin from black to white."

Page 5

Accordingly, such thinking led to the following:

"No society can exist except on the basis of racial purity...No
Jew or coloured man can ever be assimilated into a Nordic
society; social adaptability follows the facts of racial
biology, and inescapable natural facts rule out any
possibility of transformation."

These and other statements are the work of Alfred Rosenberg; the
racial purist of the fledgling Nazi party. Biologically,, Hitlerism
divided mankind into one superior race -- the Aryans -- and the
other degraded slave-races.

Among the inferior types two stood out in Nazi thinking -- the
Jewish-Slavs and the Jewish-Negro-French. It is little known in the
present day that the so-called "Aryans" were not just the blond
haired-blue eyed Nordics -- to the contrary, the true Aryans are an
ancient "race" from India. Now we begin to see the connection of
Theosophy, the Nazis, and ancient esoteric scriptures.


The worship of the oak tree or of the oak god appears to have been
shared ; by all the branches of the Aryan stock in Europe (who had
migrated from India). Both Greeks and Italians associated the tree
with their heighest god, Zeus or Jupiter, the divinity of the sky,
the rain, and the thunder.

In the religion of the ancient Germans the veneration for sacred
groves seems to have held the foremost place, and according to Grimm
the chief of their holy trees was the oak.

It appears to have been especially dedicated to the god of thunder,
Donar or Thunar, the equivalent of the Norse Thor. Interestingly,
for a sacred oak near Geismar, in Hesse, which Boniface cut down in
the eigth century, went among the Aryans by the name of Jupiter's
oak, which in old German would be "Donares eih."

Translated in present German is "Donarstag" -- in English "Thursday"
for "Thor's day." The perpetual holy fires of the Aryans in Europe
appear to have been commonly kindled with oak-wood, and in Rome
itself the fuel of the Vestal fire consisted of oaken sticks or

The Aryan worship of the oak tree was visible among the British
Celts of the ancient Gaulic empire. Among the British Celts the
chief fire-festivals of the year were those of Beltane (May Day) and
Hallowe'en (the last day of October).

Clearly the Druids of old, associated with Stonehenge, are one of
the branches of the Aryan race. In tracing back the origin of the
Aryans to India we see them direct descendents of the Hindu

Interestingly, the jack-o-lantern of today -- the pumpkin head -- is
a symbolic form of the Hindu magician "Punchkin" who had his head
twisted off in a Hindu legend. An interesting study is the
examination of the worshippers of trees in the Bible and the
attitude of God toward those groups.

Page 6


The Theosophic Society came to the United States. Beginning with
Alice Bailey, the Theosophic ideals began their substantial American
printing under the name of Lucifer Press in New York.

The Lucifer Press, an offshoot of Lucifer Trust, was located in
United Nations Plaza in New York. Renamed Lucis Press/Lucis Trust,
the organization continues to this day in active policy lobbying in
the United Nations itself.

The present New Age movement, with its distinct Druid / Hindu /
Buddhism / Magick / Satanic worldview, is nothing but a re-
emergence of the spiritualism of the ancient past, traceable back to
the Nephilim, in our own day.

This current great re-emergence of the same philosophy which has
led to Nazism in this century and is associated with the Nephilim /
Aryans of ancient legend, portends troubles in our own time.

Reappearance again in our present age signals the probable not-
distant arrival of the end of the age.

Vangard Notes...

The remainder of the text is a diatribe characteristic of an
evangelical. I do not endorse the Christian belief system or
any other, yet in the interest of fairness, it is left in the
file. Jerry W. Decker


Christians should be both aware and alert to the activities of these
aforementioned groups and organizations in the present day as there
are direct Satanic influences at work.

Objectives of these Aquarian groups point, without doubt, to the
establishment of a global government which shall result in the
appearance of a global totalitarian dictator, a type of which was
Adolf Hitler.

It will be no surprise if the coming global system, which is
obviously tolerant of all other religions except Christianity and
Judaism, will, once again, begin the persecution of its old
adversary. The struggle between the two forces, one representing
God (Judeo-Christianity) and the other Satan (the Mystery Religions
of the Nephilim), has, since Genesis been waged.

This great struggle between those of God (the Light) and those of
Satan's legions (the Dark) shall come to an end with the victorious
return of Jesus Christ at the end of this present age.

New Agers: Know who you are -- you are people of the swastika and
are the servants of Satan.

Christians: Know who you are -- you are people of the cross and the
servants of the Most High God.

Page 7

It is Satan's desire that all people of the earth shall come to
worship him and the mark of the beast shall be an initiation into
the Luciferian kingdom. The reign of the antichrist shall be but 7
years -- 3.5 shall be in peace; 3.5 shall be in great war and

Vangard Notes...attend to the total disregard of the FACT that SATAN
and LUCIFER are entirely different entities.

At the end of this 7 year period Jesus Christ himself will return to
defeat the antichrist and his legions in quick order. If you are
a dabbler in the New Age then know what is happening to you and how
you are being manipulated by Satan. Come to Jesus Christ by prayer
and ask Him to save you from this certain destruction; God is not
willing that any should perish but that all come to salvation
through Jesus Christ. THIS MEANS YOU.

Christians: Build yourself up in your most Holy Faith and look up
for your salvation draweth nigh. Watch and pray. Come Lord Jesus!

IF you desire to seek salvation and wish to be with the Perfect Lord
Jesus who gave His life that you might have life after physical
death a simple prayer like the one below is sufficient to show God
you are serious...

"Dear Lord Jesus,
I confess that I am a sinner and that I rightfully
deserve eternal death for my transgressions against your
Holy word. Lord Jesus, I ask that you forgive me of my
sins and that you, as you have promised, save me from
eternal death. I ask that you come into my heart(spirit)
and that I be henceforth a pleasing vessel of your will.
Thank you for dieing for my sins and thank you for saving
my soul. Teach me of your ways. In the name of Jesus
Christ I ask and pray these things. Amen.


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