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Galactic Races

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                 -= P R O U D L Y    P R E S E N T S =-

BEGIN:  We are convinced, regardless of the reliability of
specific accounts, that the OVERALL evidence strongly suggests
that two general intellectual 'entity groups' inhabit this
general sector of the galaxy, and that these two groups are--
generally speaking--in conflict with each other to some extent.
Aside from this obvious fact there are numerous accounts which
seem to corroborate this thesis, yet which should nevertheless
be weighed by the reader in light of their corroborative
elements, documentation, the sincerity and reputation of the
numerous witnesses, and other evidences both physical and
circumstantial.  For want of better terms, we will refer to these
two root categories as follows: 1) EVADAMIC or EVA'S - Those
entities which may be considered to be soul-matrixed members of
the human races OR the 'angelic' benevolent beings who seek to
influence them for the good, and 2) DRACONIAN or DRACO'S - Those
entities which are apparently 'soulless' and can be associated
with the neosaurian-reptilian or 'fallen' angelics that have been
known to accompany or motivate them.  Since a cosmic conflict is
taking place between these two groups, and especially between the
fallen and unfallen angelics which influence the physical world
for evil or good respectively, one group may succeed in subduing
part of the other's 'physical' dominion or 'territory' at any
given time.  We must however remember that the ancient battle
between these two groups (human conscience vs. reptilian ego) is
not an outgrowth of a so-called 'dualistic reality', or rather
the idea that good-positive and evil-negative cannot exist
without the other, which is entirely fallacious.  The Draconian
conspiracy should instead be viewed as a 'Cancer' or 'Virus'
which plagues the Universe, an unnatural 'disease' which does not
belong in creation, but one which came about nonetheless through
the mis-use of the free-agency which the Creator gave to his
creation.  The following list of humanoid and sauroid entities
inhabiting Terran, Subterran and Exterran realms is by no means
complete.  The appellations or names given to the various
groupings are for the most part the names which are already in
use to describe them, except for some cases where the actual name
of the entities is uncertain, in which cases we have given them
descriptive titles for want of other terms.  We relate those
groups which have consistently been 'reported' by VARIOUS
sources, regardless of any substantiable evidence whether such
alien groups actually exist or not.  Many of the groupings may go
by various other names as well.  The following synopsis of the
various 'alien' groups is based upon hundreds of corroborating
accounts of encounters with Terran, Subterran or Exterran groups
over a period of several years:

     INSIDERS - Residents, either permanent or temporary, of the
various different masonically-connected top secret-government
'underground installations', bases or colonies throughout the
United States and the World.  Some of these groups may possess
advanced technology enabling them to travel to various other
planetary bodies in the solar system.  This group is
international in scope and may be tied-in with the Alternative 2
and 3 scenarios (Evadamic).
     TAYGETEAN - Blond or in some cases brunette 'Nordic' type
humans based in the Pleiadean 'Taygeta' systems, which were
allegedly colonized after their former planetary abode in the
Lyra constellation was invaded by neosaurian entities
(reptilians, greys, etc.).  The main Pleiadean planet of 'Erra',
was allegedly 'Terra-formed' by the refugees from Lyra [which is
much nearer to earth--around 30 light years].  The Pleiadeans
were apparently the first 'human' society to develop sub-space
travel as 'we' did in the 'Philadelphia Experiment', and they
claim that their technology surpasses our 'International'
technology by about 3000 years.  This may explain why the humans
in Lyra were able to travel the vast distances from this part of
the galaxy to colonize the Pleiades, some 430 light-years from
Terra-Earth (Evadamic).
     LYRAN - Supposing that the human inhabitants of Lyra (who
are said to have a common origin as that of earth people) were
driven out of that system hundreds or thousands of years ago,
then it is likely that some of the present day inhabitants of the
'Lyra' constellation may be of neo-Sauroid descent.  During the
Lyran wars which are mentioned in several 'contactee' accounts,
a mass exodus' of humans allegedly left the system and escaped to
the Pleiades, the Hyades [which are 130 light-years from earth in
the Taurus constellation], and Vega which is also in Lyra.  This
region, like our own system, may still be a 'battleground'
between saurian-greys, etc., and humans (Evadamic-Draconian).
     TELOSIAN - Tall, blond inhabitants of a re-established
network of subsurface antediluvian colonies located throughout
the Western States, and concentrated around Mt. Shasta in
northern California.  They are sometimes referred to erroneously
as 'Lemurians' as it is believed that the cavern cities which
they re-discovered and built upon were once part of an
antediluvian(?) civilization called 'Lemuria'.  They may have
loose contact with the Pleiadeans and other groups via ancient
ancestral ties, since the Telosians are earth-NATIVES who
allegedly possess interstellar vehicles.  The name 'Telos' is a
Greek work meaning 'uttermost', but some of the inhabitants refer
to ancient ties with neo-Mayan tribes, and therefore many of them
'may' possess a Greco-Mayan ancestrage (Evadamic).
     ORANGEAN - (also known as the 'Orange' race).  These largely
converge beneath southern Nevada, northern New Mexico and
possibly Utah.  Some sources refer to a [1] 'human' race, others
of [2] a genetically-altered, red-haired human strain or
so-called human-reptilian hybrid.  They are described often as
having a human form yet certain 'reptilian' features.  They are
also said to possess human-like reproductive organs, and possibly
(or not) a human 'soul-matrix', and therefore a divergent branch
of the human race.  Some accounts suggest there MAY also be [3]
orange-colored reptilians which possess no soul-matrix
     CHAMELEON - Reptilians genetically bred to enable themselves
to appear 'human'.  These are allegedly 'infiltrators' which can
look remarkably human outwardly although retaining reptilian or
neosaurian internal organs.  Often described as appearing 'bulge-
eyed' with scaly, hairless skin behind their 'disguise'.  One
report alleged that the 'Chameleons' may utilize artificial
'lenses' to conceal "slit-pupiled iris'".  Some claim they are
genetically bred 'mercenaries' in a planned invasion-takeover of
human society (Draconian).
     SOLARIANS - Human residents of the 'Sol' System who claim to
have ties with ancient Terran societies, especially subterran
societies which developed off-planet travel early on and
established underground bases and colonies on various planetary
bodies in the 'Sol' system, including the Jovian moons and the
Saturnian moons on which they have allegedly established a
'Tribunal' center for the federated Solarian planets (Evadamic).
     NAGARIAN (or NAGA'S) - Also referred to as the 'Reptoids',
'Reptons', 'Homo-saurus', 'Lizard-men', or the 'Large Nosed
Greys'.  They play a significant role in the legends of India and
Tibet where they are considered by some to be demoniacal in
nature.  They are described as being around 7 ft. tall and of
various colors, grotesque, but most often moldy greenish with
scaled crocodilian 'skin'.  Allegedly descended from a branch of
bi-pedal sauroids which existed thousands of years ago on earth
and via mutation and natural selection developed the brain-body
coordination necessary to develop a technology.  Some species
still reportedly retain a visible 'tail' although much atrophied
from their supposedly 'extinct' saurian ancestors.  After an
alleged ancient battle with early hi-tech human societies they
were supposedly driven into underground networks or to off planet
bases (Draconian).
     OLIVERIAN - Humans of 'normal' size, yet who possess an
'olive' green skin color.  They claim to be from a subterranean
or cavernous realm beneath Europe which they refer to as 'St.
Martin's Land' (Evadamic).
     IGUANAS - Approximately 4-5 ft. tall, with 'Iguana-like'
appearance yet 'hominoid'.  They have sometimes been seen
wearing black, hooded 'monk' robes or cloaks which conceal much
of their saurian features, which include tails.  These have been
reported as being extremely dangerous and hateful towards humans,
and like all other branches of the 'serpent' race they utilize
black witchcraft, sorcery and other forms of mind control against
their human enemies (Draconian).
     UMMITES - Humans claiming to hail from the general area of
Wolf 424, some 14-plus light years distant from the Earth-Sol
system, and possibly having ancient ties with the 'Lyran'
colonies in that the Ummites (from the planet Ummo) are like the
Lyrans-Pleiadeans said to be 'Scandinavian' in appearance, and
therefore may tie-in with the so-called 'Nordic Blond' societies
     RETICULANS - Apparently a major center of 'saurian' activity
and possibly 'controlled' human slaves.  This is a region from
where a large percentage of the 'Grey-type' sauroids--such as
encountered by Betty and Barney Hill and other abductees--
emanate.  This binary or double-star system may be the center of
interstellar 'grey' activity.  Much of the implant-control
scenarios allegedly originated from the Reticulan Sauroids as
well as from apparently higher-ranking sauroid species in Bootes
and Draconis, as well as their subterranean counterparts beneath
the earth's surface (Draconian).
     SIRIANS - Apparently the home of humans of a rather
empirical nature (possibly under reptilian influence!?) who have
been tied-in with events on Terra for centuries, including
alliances with their counterpart 'serpent cults' or 'Illuminated'
secret societies on and beneath the earth.  Allegedly the source
of many of the human, parahuman, cybernated and/or chameleon 'Men
In Black' or MIB entities that have been encountered in
connection to UFO incidents (Evadamic-Draconian).
     LEVIATHANS - Or saurian 'sea serpents' such as the so-called
'Loch Ness Monster'.  Loch Ness has been the site of much occult
or paranormal activity including UFO activity, 'grey' sightings,
etc.  Aliester Crowlay, the Satanist-Illuminist founder of the
O.T.O or Ordo Templi Orientis, claimed to be in contact with 'The
Beast' of the Loch.  He owned a mansion on the shores of the loch
and this same mansion later became the residence of the British
occultist Jimmy Page, who not only played with the British Rock
group Led Zeppelin but also owned a large bookstore dealing with
witchcraft and the occult.  Being aquatic in nature and having
lost the use of their limbs via atrophication-mutation, this
branch of the serpent race is allegedly used for long-range
'psychic' warfare and occult manipulation of the human race
     MOON-EYES - A race of peaceable humans some 7-8 ft. tall,
with pale-blue skin and large 'wrap-around' eyes which are
extremely sensitive to light.  They MAY be the same as the large
humans allegedly encountered on the moon by our 'astronauts'
according to John Lear and others, who in turn were silenced and
not allowed to tell what they saw.  These people may, according
to some accounts, be allied to the 'Nordics' and/or 'Blondes'.
They claim to be descendants of Noah who traveled to the Western
Hemisphere a few centuries after the deluge and discovered
ancient antediluvian cavern systems and technologies which had
been abandoned in the subterranean recesses.  They have been
encountered mostly in deep cavern-systems beneath the general
region of the Ozarks-Arkansas and surrounding regions (Evadamic).
     IKELS - Small hairy humanoids with cloven hoofs which
inhabit deep caverns beneath South America and elsewhere.  They
may be members of a fallen pre-Adamic race which possessed
angelic, animal AND humanoid characteristics.  Now allied with
the reptilians.  They have been known, according to natives, to
'kidnap' women and children down through the ages and many
stories are told of South American tribes who have battled these
creatures with machetes during certain of their forays to the
surface (Draconian).
     ANAKIM - (also referred to the 'Els', short for 'Elder Race'
or simply as the 'Giants').  Referred to in ancient Hebrew
tradition, this race is allegedly tied-in with ancient humans who
broke off from mainstream humanity because of their vast size
which had developed over the centuries, possibly as a result of a
genetic anomaly.  They are said to range anywhere from 9-11 and
in some cases even 12 ft. in height, although in configuration
are remarkably similar to 'International' humans.  They have
allegedly been encountered in deep and extensive cavern systems
from Alaska to Mexico, and are believed to have interstellar
traveling capabilities (Evadamic).
     GREYS - Small neo-sauroid race, very prolific and
intelligent.  May be the 'brains' or 'intellect' of the serpent
race, whereas the larger 'Reptoids' allegedly act as the PHYSICAL
overlords and thus are of a higher 'ranking' than the Greys.  The
Greys are reportedly very predatory and insensitive to humans,
and like other reptilian entities they allegedly 'feed' off of
human fluids by rubbing the 'protein formula' on their bodies,
which is then absorbed into the skin, and like snakes the 'waste'
is excreted back through the skin.  The Greys range from 3 1/2 to
4 1/2 ft. tall on the average, with skin colors ranging from
grayish white to grayish blue to grayish green.  Aside from
feeding off of human proteins and fluids, they also allegedly
feed off the 'life energy', 'vital essence' or 'soul energy' of
human as do other reptilian species.  This is why those humans
seen working with the Greys (implanted drones, whether willingly
or unwillingly) have appeared 'lifeless' and emotionless to the
witnesses who observed them.  The Greys are allegedly EXTREMELY
deceitful and although they act on 'logic', to them it is
'logical' to use extremely complex forms of deception to bring
about their goals.  They are the most commonly observed 'alien'
entity during UFO encounters (Draconian).
     HYBRIDS - Since human and reptilian beings are allegedly so
different in their physical make-up a natural 'hybrid' between
the two is impossible.  However and unnatural GENETIC alteration
in essence 'splicing' human and reptilian genes has allegedly
been attempted.  Even if this were accomplished the offspring
would not be an actual 'hybrid' (half human, half reptilian) but
would fall to one side or the other.  Since reptilians possess no
soul-matrix as do humans but instead operate on a 'collective
consciousness' level, the 'hybrid' would be human or reptilian
depending on whether they/it was born with or without a soul-
energy-matrix.  In most cases one might tell the difference if
the entity had round-pupils as opposed to black opaque or
vertical-slit pupiled eyes; or five-digit fingers as opposed to
three or four; or external genitalia as opposed to none.  If two
out of three fit the 'human' configuration chances are they would
possess a soul-matrix, although this might now 'always' be the
case, if such entities as the 'Chameleons' exist for instance
     HU-BRID - 'Hybrids' through genetic manipulation who possess
a human soul-matrix.  See above (Evadamic).
     RE-BRID - 'Hybrids' possessing no soul-matrix.  Some of
these MAY possess human-like genetic coding yet no 'soul' while
others may be an apparent 'hybrid' of two or more reptilian
species.  It must be understood that the Reptilians are far more
adaptable or 'mutable' than are humans, physically.  This would
mean that we should expect a much greater rate of physical
diversity between the reptilian species than between the various
human species.  Such mutations would not have to take place over
millions of years, but through eons or centuries, especially when
one considers the possibility that controlled natural selection,
mutation, genetic manipulation, and even occult-supernatural
intervention may have been responsible for accelerating this
process (Draconian).
     DRACONS - Largely subterranean, pterodactyloid-like
hominoids with bat-like wings.  Sometimes describes as possessing
'horns' and thus are considered very similar to the traditional
depiction of the 'devil', according to certain individuals who
have encountered them.  Very intelligent and extremely malignant.
Sometimes referred to as 'Mothmen', although that title might be
a little misleading (Draconian).
     DWARFIN - Diminutive humans who have allegedly been
encountered in or near caverns in various parts of the world, and
in some cases on UFO's, although most 'dwarf' sightings in
connection to UFO's are actually sightings of the saurian
'greys'.  These should not be confused with the small
'elementals' or 'nature spirits' which some believe are etheric
in nature yet have the ability to appear in solid or semi-solid
form as times.  Some of these were apparently involved in the
original 'rebellion' of the angelics against the Creator after
being deceived and misled by the former archangel turned
egocentric tyrant, Lucifer.  Others of the 'elementals' may have
escaped this 'fall'.  The Dwarfin or Dwarf races are allegedly
just as human as surface peoples but average between to 3 to 4
ft. in height, although at times they have been seen as small as
two feet.  As with the 'giants' or 'Els' this may have resulted
in a genetic anomaly which ran it's course due to the separation
of their race(s) from the International 'gene pool'.  They
allegedly live in subterranean systems to a large extent as a
'protective' measure.  And as we've said some allegedly possess
'aerial disk' technology and some might even have attempted
interplanetary or interstellar travel (Evadamic).
     SYNTHETICS - Of several different types and varieties.
Although reptilians AND humans apparently utilize 'artificial
intelligence' devices or organisms (technology itself being
amoral, neither good nor evil), the Draconians as well as some
'controlled' humans have apparently developed bio-synthetic or
mechanical 'entities' as EXTENSIONS of their activities.  This is
especially true with the bio-synthetic cybernetic creatures which
the 'reptilians' have allegedly 'created' via organs stolen from
animal and human mutilation victims.  The synthetics are of many
types, some of which are very 'human-like' and which may be used
as 'infiltrators'.  Others apparently look more like the 'Grey'
entities, created 'after their own image' so to speak, yet are
not reptilian but instead a type of 'molded' entity form
containing a 'sponge-like' substance which permeates the
interior.  They may be the worst of all, as they are apparently
bio-genetic 'forms' which are able to be inhabited-possessed by
the 'Infernals' or fallen supernaturals as 'containers' enabling
them to operate in the physical realm, possibly to the extent of
performing mutilations, etc., without the help of their reptilian
allies (Draconian).
     EVA-BORGS - Cybernetic forms controlled by 'human' entities.
OR humans who have been implanted or surgically altered to such
an extent that they have become cybernetic in nature, yet still
retaining a soul-matrix (Evadamic).
     DRACO-BORGS - Cybernetic forms controlled by reptilian
entities.  These would also include those forms which are
animated by fallen supernatural or paraphysical entities, whether
of 'gray,' 'human-like', 'mechanical' or other configuration.
There are some who suggest that human-appearing 'infiltrators' of
this type may exist in our society, and that certain
characteristics might give them away--i.e. the eyes, a slightly
sulfurous smell, unrefined features such as no fingerprints or
ears or other 'body' parts which seem to have a slight
'artificial' appearance (Draconian).
     MIB'S - Also referred to as the 'Men In Black' or
'Horlocks'.  These are apparently in many cases humans who are
controlled by draconian influences, although other 'MIB' have
been encountered which do not seem human, but more reptilian OR
synthetic.  The 'MIB' have been encountered often after UFO
sightings, usually intimidating witnesses into keeping silent
about what they've seen (many of the witnesses may be
'abductees' with suppressed memories of the event).  Their
'threats' appear to be motivated by attempts to utilize
'terrorism', 'fear' or 'intimidation' as a psychological weapon
against witnesses.  This 'weapon' may not only be used to keep
the human 'MIB' under control, but by the human MIB themselves.
'They' are often though not always seen in connection with large,
black automobiles, some of which have been seen disappearing into
mountains, canyons or tunnels or in some cases apparently appear
out of or disappear (cloak?) into thin air.  Most human MIB have
probably been implanted by the Draconians and are essentially
their 'slaves'.  Bio-synthetic 'infernals' also seem to play a
part in the MIB scenario, as do subterranean and exterran
societies.  Sirius, at only 9+ light years away, has been
identified as a major exterran MIB center of activity, with a
subterran counterpart existing in ancient antediluvian
'Atlantean' underground complexes which have been 're-
established' beneath the Eastern U.S. seaboard
     DRAGONWORMS - These creatures are largely subterranean and
have been reported on very rare occasions.  Although a mutation
of the serpent race which lost the use of it's limbs through
centuries of atrophication, it is nevertheless apparently a part
of the reptilian 'conspiracy'.  The 'Dragonworms' are allegedly
very intelligent, according so certain sources.  'They' have
sometimes been described as appearing similar to a giant 'worm'
or 'slug' (Draconian).
     AGHARIANS - (or Aghartians). A group of Asiatic or oriental
humans who, sources claim, discovered caverns and abandoned
antediluvian 'cities' which had been taken over by reptilian
entities.  Several hundred or thousand years ago an Asian prince
allegedly led several militant followers into the caves and came
in conflict with the saurian-reptoid inhabitants of an ancient
subterranean city or network known as 'Agharta' or 'Agharti', and
after a considerable conflict the reptilian forces were driven
out.  There are indications that since that time the Reptilians
have attempted an occult-retakeover of Agharta and some (not all)
of the inhabitants may have succumbed to these occult
manipulations.  This may explain why a small percentage of the
'MIB' encounters involve oriental-like humans, perhaps members of
a small renegade or 'off-shoot' group of Aghartians.  Such
'renegade' elements may also exist in the Telosian empire and of
course within the United Stated itself.  There also seems to be a
loose secret alliance between Aghartian, Telosian and American
officials according to some sources.  In all three groups there
seems to be a visible government which seeks to establish and may
have in part inspired Constitutional-like liberties, as well as a
secret renegade 'secret', 'Illuminated' or 'fifth column'
international or interspherial government which seeks to
undermine the traditional values and liberties of all three
civilizations.  The Agharian 'space fleet' is allegedly known as
the 'silver fleet' (Evadamic).
     BURROWERS - Another mutation of the saurian-serpent race
capable of burrowing through the earth.  Possibly quadrupedal as
well as be-pedal, these have been known to use their 'boring'
abilities to create artificial tunnels or 'cave-ins' (the latter
has allegedly been used in attempts to entrap or kill
unsuspecting intruders into the underground domains).  These may
possess a highly-developed 'sensing' system (Draconian).
     CETIANS - (or Tau Cetians).  A human race of 'Mediterranean'
or 'South American' appearing, tan-skinned humans.  Very similar
to caucasian humans on Terra except for SLIGHT differences
(slightly pointed ears, higher physical 'density' for their size,
slightly broader nose, 5' 5" tall on average, and often wear
short 'Roman' or 'crew' style haircuts).  Tau Ceti and Epsilon
Eridani are said to be a major 'convergence' of exterran 'human'
activity, and are alleged to be in alliance with the Pleiadeans
(who in turn, according to contactees, have 'Federation'
alliances with the Vegans and the Ummites, etc.).  The Cetians
allegedly work with the Pleiadeans and 'other' societies who have
been 'victimized' by the 'Grey' predators (Evadamic).
     ERIDANIANS - see 'Cetians' (Evadamic).
     SASQUAN - Large, hairy 'humanoids' who are usually
troglodytial or cavern-dwellers, although they have been known to
forage through mountainous or wooded areas on the surface in
search for roots, berries, grasses and nuts which make up their
diet.  They are believed to possess a heightened 'sensing'
ability which allows them to steer clear of 'human' influence.
They are more human than animal according to some reports
although they have often been mistaken for animals, which has
forced them to take up a largely subterran lifestyle.  They have
often been described as having a human face on an 'apes' body.
They are mostly strict vegetarians, which may be explained by the
possibility that they MIGHT be a 'hybrid' or 'hubrid' between
antediluvian humans and Sapiens.  Such interbreeding, if possible
back then, is certainly not possible in modern times due to
increasingly divergent genetic strains between the two groups.
Most Sasquatch may possess a human soul-matrix.  They are usually
described as being 7-8 ft. tall, while other branches may be
smaller.  'Hairy humanoids', both large and smaller, have on some
occasions been observed in connection with UFO encounters,
or subterranean encounters.  Sasquatch have been known to attack
humans ONLY in self defense (sometimes throwing large boulders to
frighten intruders away).  There have also been 'hairy hominoids'
which possessed either 'robot-like' or 'amphibian'
characteristics, suggesting bio-genetic manipulation to create
'biological machines' or 'cyborgs'.  There is a possibility that
other entities, possibly more animal than human, are the result
of humanoid-Sasquatch and nonhuman-Sapien interbreeding, in which
case the offspring might be human OR beast in nature, but this is
mere speculation.  Another type of 'hairy humanoid' is allegedly
the result of genetic manipulation, and have been reported in
underground bases in northwestern New Mexico and in Southern
Nevada (Evadamic).
     SERPENTS - These are literally 'giant snakes' which have
been encountered in various underground regions.  They are often
apparently used by the Draconians as 'sentries' to guard
subterranean tunnels or 'treasure' repositories.  They have been
known to easily crush a human being or other objects with their
teeth or their bodies (Draconian),
     ULTERRAN - (or Ultraterrestrial).  These are allegedly
people who have been encountered at times entering or leaving an
'alternate' or 'parallel' existence, yet still operating within
the one 'reality'.  It is very unlikely that more than one
'physical reality' like ours exists, but there is a theoretical
possibility the one other CO-EXISTENT 'world' might exist on the
opposite end or polarity of the electromagnetic barrier (or EM
spectrum - which in itself is inhabited by various types of
warring spiritual or angelic entities according to many
theologies).  Many human and/or neosauroid inhabitants of this
'alternate' world if it exists originally came from our own
'world' (possibly entering the 'opposite' reality by changing the
molecular polarity of their bodies 'molectrical' field, a
phenomena which may have taken place during a 'Philadelphia
Experiment', or by entering a 'vortex' or 'window' area!?).  This
would not be a so-called 'alternate timeline' as some science
fiction stories interestingly [though unfeasibly] describe it,
although the time-flow in such a 'world' may be different from
our own.  It would be more of an invisible (to us) EXTENSION of
our own reality.  This would explain various phenomena such as
animals, objects, people and entire vessels which have seemingly
fallen into or out of our 'world'.  It may also be possible that
certain objects in our 'world' would be invisible in the 'other'
realm or dimension (or rather the opposite polarity of our
reality!?) and visa versa.  For instance, one airplane pilot who
had become temporarily caught up in an EM-vortex in the 'Bermuda
Triangle' SAW an island which was deserted, while the very same
island was inhabited in the world he was familiar with.  This
would also explain the many accounts of people who claim to have
seen or stopped at houses, cafes, etc., along remote stretches of
road, only to return the same way and find no such place
'exists'.  Since both dimensions may 'flow-in' to each other,
being part of the same electromagnetic reality (matter as opposed
to antimatter?), such temporary displacement of objects and/or
people from either of the two 'worlds' might occur.  This would
not be a case where one supposedly has an alternate 'self'
inhabiting the alternate reality, but more a case of another
'opposite' dimension which was inhabited intentionally or
unintentionally over a long period of time by humans and animals
which were somehow transported there.  This would also explain
the case of Joseph Vorin, who suddenly appeared as 'out-of-
nowhere' near Frankfurt-am-Oder, Germany in 1850, spoke a broken
and ancient para-Germanic dialect which the authorities could
just barely understand, and claimed to be from the nation of
Laxaria in Sakria (no known country by those names exists - in
'our' world).  When he suddenly appeared he seemed disoriented
and dumbfounded, as if he had suddenly fallen out of 'another'
world (Evadamic-Draconian).
     ATLANS - These are humans, usually described as being
benevolent by comparison to other groups, who are said to inhabit
vast and complex cavern-cities beneath southern Brazil and
surrounding regions.  The term 'Atlantean' or 'Atlan' in
reference to these races has been placed upon them because of the
fact that these cavern networks along the east coast of Brazil
were allegedly once part of the antediluvian 'Atlantean' empire.
The present inhabitants have no direct GENETIC relation to the
ancient 'Atlantean' society which allegedly controlled these
cavern systems several millennia ago, but are referred to as
'Atlanteans' simply because they are descendants of those who re-
discovered and inhabited the ancient Atlan installations.  As in
North America and other continents, both normal and gnome-like
humans have been encountered here, some of which possessed
advanced aerial or 'disk' technology.  The Telosians claim to
have some connections with South America, especially the Matto
Grosso region (Evadamic).
     ANTARCTICAN - This is allegedly a secret area of operations
for both human and reptilian beings.  It is said by some that
Aryan-Nazi scientists actually developed disk-shaped aircraft
capable of very advanced aerial performance, and that swastika's
have been seem on a few aerial disks.  They may be piloted by a
'pure-bred' blond, blue-eyed Aryan race.  There appears to be
more than one 'Blond' human society involved in the UFO
scenarios, and especially subterranean human societies may have
developed blond hair due to lack of sunlight.  There does not
seem to be anything more than a peripheral connection between the
Antarcticans, the Telosian and the Pleiadean 'blondes' (i.e. we
will refer to the Antarcticans as the 'Aryans'; the Telosians as
the 'Blondes'; and the Pleiadeans as the 'Nordics' in other files
to discourage confusion).  It should be remembered that Germany
plays a central role in world history in that it was not only the
nation which gave birth to the Bavarian Illuminati under
Weishaupt, but of the opposing Protestant movement which the
Illuminati sought to destroy as well.  The Antarcticans may
consist largely of 'batch consigned' pure-bred blue-eyed, blond
Aryans who became victims of Hitler's obsession to create a super
race, and as suggested by Harbinson and others most of these may
be controlled through mind manipulation and implants, being
'human drones' who are used to keep this hidden society
functioning (Evadamic-Draconian).
     TEROS - A term describing various human groups who inhabit
the cavern systems and re-established antediluvian cities beneath
the North American continent.  Many of these may be descended
from early American colonists, while others are apparently
descended from older civilizations such as ancient native
Americans who went underground hundreds and/or thousands of years
ago.  They also refer to the 'dero', which apparently consist of
draconian elements (Evadamic).
     MARTIAN - Inhabitants of the planet Mars, both human and
non-human, including the alleged inhabitants of the two Martian
'moons' (which many believe to be artificially-hollowed
asteroids, although it is uncertain whether these are controlled
by the Evadamics or Draconians).  It has also been suggested that
thousands of years ago the surface of LUNA and MARS were much
more 'habitable', that the surfaces of these bodies may have been
decimated after passing through the asteroid belt or an 'asteroid
storm' (consisting of debris which 'may' have been torn from a
planet which apparently existed between Mars and Jupiter at one
time - possibly destroyed by a close encounter with another
planetary body in the tradition of Velikovsky's theories).  It is
believed that ancient 'ruins', possibly thousands of years old,
have been seen on both 'planets' and that these attest to such a
cataclysm (Evadamic-Draconian).
     JANOSIAN - This is allegedly a planet on which human beings
live or once lived.  They apparently arrived on that planet some
thousands of years ago according to certain 'contactees', and up
until 'relatively' recent times still retained dim memories and
legends of earth, which they were apparently associated with long
before their colonization of the planet 'Janos'.  They are said
to be like Terrans, although somewhat oriental and slender by
comparison.  A group of refugees allegedly left Janos centuries
ago in a huge carrier vessel of roughly donut-shaped
configuration after an asteroid or meteor shower devastated the
surface of their planet, causing a chain-reaction in their
nuclear power grid, loosing deadly radiation into the atmosphere
and unto the underground tunnels and 'cities' which they had
built beneath Janos.  They apparently remembered the star-route
back to earth, and last reports stated they were in a high orbit
somewhere 'near' the earth and are seeking contact with earth
governments to exchange technology for a place to live on (or
below?) the earth, in the tradition of the TV series ALIEN
NATION.  In light of other revelations and lack of confirmation
from other 'contactees', this might be a 'staged' Draconian
propaganda operation; on the other hand the account MAY be
legitimate (Evadamic?).
     HAV-MUSUVS - (or MuSuvians) - Prominent in Paihute Indian
tradition, the Hav-Musuvs were allegedly a Egyptian or
Grecian-like sea-faring race who discovered huge caverns around 3
to 5 thousand years ago within, and later deep beneath the
Panamint Mts. of California.  Within these they allegedly
established vast underground cities.  When the inland sea (now
Death Valley) which connected the ocean in ancient times dried up
they had no way to carry on trade with other parts of the world.
As a result of this, according to Paihute Indian tradition, they
began to build and fly 'silvery eagles' which became increasingly
advanced as time went on.  They then evidently established
interplanetary and later interstellar travel, exploration and
colonization.  It may be interesting to note that some
'contactees' claim that the forward time flow may be different in
other parts of the universe or other star-systems.  A thousand
years on earth may be equivalent to 10,000 years in another
system, possibly depending on how fast that system is moving
through space.  Thus may open up the possibility of massive
technological development on the part of an other-stellar colony
or civilization in a short period of 'Earth' time.  Time-
displacement often appears in UFO-related accounts.  There is
however no evidence for reverse 'time travel' other than possibly
'remote viewing' of past events through super-sensitive
telescopics from light-years away (Evadamic).
     ALPHA-DRACONIANS - Reptilian beings who are said to have
established colonies in Alpha Draconis.  Like all reptilians,
these claim to have originated on Terra thousands of years ago,
which fact they use to 'justify' their attempt to re-take the
earth for their own.  They are apparently a major part of a
planned 'invasion' which is eventually turning from covert
infiltration to over-invasion (Draconian).
     ALTAIRIANS - Alleged Reptilian inhabitants of the Altair
stellar system in the constellation Aquila (Draconian).
     ORIONS - Some claim that 'negative' entities have been
associated with some of the stars in the Orion constellation.
Other sources claim that the Orion NEBULA is a cosmic 'doorway'
to 'infinity' or the realm of the Creator, which transcends the
time-space-matter universe and which in fact surrounds the
physical universe.  Some astronomers claim that a huge,
beautifully-illuminated multi-colored 'light' has emerged from
the nebula and is on an intercept-course with Earth, although at
a rather leisurely pace and at this rate the 'light' will reach
earth approximately 3000 A.D. (give or take a hundred years).
Could this have something to do with the prophecy in Revelation
21?  Since the Draconians are attempting to conquer the
'heavens', they may have made futile attempts to enter the
'Eternity Gate' or to intercept the emerging 'Light' ('War In
Heaven' between Michael and the 'Dragon'? - see: Rev. ch. 12).
This may explain the alleged presence of the Draconians in the
Orion constellation, although certain 'human' groups have
allegedly become curious of the 'Eternity Gate' as well
     PHOENIANS - The 'Phoenix Empire' is allegedly a non-surface
society which may be partially connected with the Dulce subnet,
according to certain 'inside' sources.  It's uncertain whether
this is a human or a reptilian empire (Evadamic-Draconian?).
     GIZAN - (or Gizahn).  The 'Gizeh People' have been referred
to by the Pleiadians (Billy Meier contacts) as well as others.
This 'may' have some connection with the strange 'people' and
technology allegedly encountered in deep labyrinthine recesses
beneath Egypt, who were sometimes reportedly seen by explorers,
and who are said to dress like 'ancient Egyptians'.  There is
allegedly, according to Leading Edge Research, a huge cavern deep
beneath Egypt which is inhabited by people with close ties with
the U.S. 'secret government'.  Some sources indicate that the
'Giza People' may be a 'controlled' society with the reptilians
being the dominant power, although this is not absolutely certain
     AMPHIBIANS - Similar to the Sauroids or Reptoids, yet being
hominoid creatures with reptilian AND amphibian-like features
and are semi-aquatic in nature.  May have once lived on land,
but became more aquatic over the centuries.  'They' have been
encountered near swampy regions, rivers, etc., and have been
known to attack people without being provoked (Draconian).
     RAILOID - These are saurian 'grey' type entities which are
apparently somewhat taller than the usually-encountered greys yet
with extremely thin 'rail-like' torso and limbs yet very strong
     BOOTEAN - Reptilians from the 'Bootes' system.  These, and
reptilian entities from the 'Draconis' system are allegedly
involved with the 'Dulce' scenario as well as the infiltration-
implantation-control of human society on earth in anticipation of
their planned takeover at some point in the future (Draconian).
     VEGAN - Relatively peaceful and gentle humans descended from
refugees from the 'Lyran Wars', who work closely with other
refugee-colonists now living in the Pleiades, Wolf 424, and
elsewhere (Evadamic).
     HYADEAN - The Hyades in the constellation Taurus, like the
Pleiades and Vega, are said to have been the destination of yet
another group of refugees from the ancient war with the saurians
in Lyra (Evadamic).
     BERNARIANS - Inhabitants of the 'Bernard's Star' system.
Although not much has been written about them, it seems that
human beings at least in part control this star system.  Whether
the Saurians have any influence or not is uncertain (Evadamic).
     KORENDIAN - Humans allegedly living on a colonized planet
known as 'Korender'.  Perfectly 'human' in proportion yet 4-5 ft.
tall on the average.  Gabriel Green described alleged contacts
with this group in publications during the late 1950's - early
'60's.  The accounts published by Gabriel Green were rather
fantastic, although perhaps no less so than some other accounts.
Many of the contactees who have allegedly encountered the
'Korendians'--such as John W. Dean who wrote a 'catalogue' of
life on other planets which contained reams of inaccurate
astronomical data, and Colin Boyd Cameron--have obviously been
the subjects of apparent 'propaganda' or 'disinformation'
operations.  This suggests that if the Korendians do exist they
MAY be a MIB-like society similar to the 'Lanolus' people or the
'MIB' society described by John A. Keel in some of his works
     GYPSY'S - Several sources refer to the gypsy's as
having some connection with the UFO mystery.  Other sources
suggest a connection with high-tech subsurface kingdoms such
as Agharti, etc.  The knowledge which the gypsy's allegedly
possess of an ancient war, UFO craft, and so on is supposedly a
carefully guarded secret among various gypsy tribes.  Some claim
to have traced the gypsy's back to ancient India or surrounding
regions (Evadamic).
     VENUSIAN - Allegedly inhabited by physical entities, both
human and reptilian, beneath the surface and therefore 'safe'
from the extreme surface conditions.  Also allegedly inhabited
(on the surface?) by human beings, possibly colonists from Terra-
Earth, who somehow were able to 'phase' or generate their
physical bodies' molecular structure into a '4th dimensional'
existence wherein they now allegedly survive unaffected by the
harsh 'physical' conditions (Evadamic-Draconian).

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