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UFO Reality Is Breaking Out

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                 -= P R O U D L Y    P R E S E N T S =-

"UFO Reality Is Breaking Out"  by  Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.
Part Eight
        A prestigious three-day international conference was held at the
Sheraton washington in Washington, D.C. on May 27-29, 1995 on the subject of
what should be Earth's proper response, when it comes out in the open that we
are being visited by cultures from elsewhere.  The "When Cosmic Cultures Meet"
International Conference featured presentations by scientists, academics,
governmental spokespersons, research professionals, military officers,
journalists and religious spokespersons. This world-class conference revealed
the solid acceptance by political, academic, scientific and journalism figures
of the realism of preparing for extraterrestrial contact. I also provided a
number of compelling statements and revelations.
        Arlington Institute National Security expert John L. Petersen compared
the current shift in society and culture,involving dramatic breakthroughs in
energy sources, ET contact, and technology, to the shift from the Middle Ages
to the Enlightenment.
        Anthropologist-journalist Michael Hesseman likened ET contact to a
second Copernican Revolution. He also reported that Soviet KGB UFO files have
now become public,, revealing, for example, that in 1989 a UFO hovered for two
hours over a Soviet nuclear weapons storage facility, until finally a MIG
fighter came and the UFO departed.
        Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack presented arresting videotapes of
his interviewing of Southern Africa fourth graders who witnessed a UFO set down
at the edge of their recess playground. Then several ETs emerged, one
approaching within nine feet of one awe-struck schoolgirl as others watched.
        Washington Post journalist Ruth Montgomery related how she had received
multiple reports about UFO reality from various military officers with whom she
had spoken.
        The producer of Mexico's "Sixty Minutes" television documentary
program, Jaime Maussan, showed extensive videotapes of UFOs over Mexican
population centers. These videotapes showed structured craft, flotillas of
UFOs, and a vertical column of UFOs inside a translucent plasma (?) field. The
most intriguing footage was a nighttime shot of a hovering UFO over the ground
near a villa, and later a "Praying Mantis"-type extraterrestrial with
illumination on him is seen turning towards the videocamera from perhaps a
half-block away.
        Sumerian culture expert Zecharia Sitchin presented evidence from
ancient Sumerian tablets for previous contact between extraterrestrials and
modern humans' ancestors.
        A research professionals panel including Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Dr. Richard
Boylan and USAF Colonel Donald Ware  presented research evidence and
conclusions about extraterrestrial visitation, the ETs' purposes, and about
covert unauthorized attacks on human experiencers and upon UFOs by clandestine
paramilitary units.
        The organizer of the Cosmic Cultures Conference, Dr. Scott Jones, has
made videotapees of the Conference available to key Congressional and White
House figures, so that they can be aware that representatives from the
scientific, academic, professional and journalistic communities accept UFO
(c) 1995 Richard Boylan

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