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3. Tolerate other religions and do not compel others to join the circle of the Goddess: the Goddess will draw those to Her who are ready and hear Her call.

The Goddess in her form Selene is the spirit of the third principle.

Patriarchy developed religions based on the severing of the link with Gaia. This led to the denying of the body, the split of mind and body, and mind and spirit. Only some teachings which were muttered in the darkness by acolytes who barely understood what they were saying preserved even a seed of the truth. Religion is a binding up of our threefold essences, and none of these can function without the other two, and these essences are empty without the presence of the Goddess. Selene, the triform goddess of the Waxing, the Full and the Waning moon symbolizes this triple essence.

To mystify the masses so that they would not attempt to rebuild the civilization of the Goddess, the patriarchs developed religions of their own. Many of these religions are used by those in power as spiritual weapons. To this end they promote hatred of other religions by their followers, even though the doctrines in their holy books preach love and tolerance.

We stand apart from the crusades and holy wars of the patriarchal religions. We say to them, if you profess belief in love and tolerance, why promote hate and intolerance in practice?

We have no need to compel others to join our circle. We do not cloak our intentions in sugary platitudes or tell the masses they are doomed forever unless they adopt our principles. Rather, we state our case honestly and let those who are ready to join us find their own way to the Goddess.

This is the mantra of Selene (moonrise): "Blessed Selene, unite my mind, body and spirit and fill me with your presence. Through your unfailing love, give me the strength to create peace and tolerance, and show others the way to the path of the Goddess. Blessed be."

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