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4. Worship Her by restoring balance to Her planet.

The Goddess in her form Gaia is the spirit of the fourth principle.

Life on this planet has been tossed out of balance by the patriarchy with its arbitrary division between the human world and the natural world.

This has led to technology without love, women and men set apart and men set above women, the rending of mind from body and spirit from mind, war without end, and labor without fair recompense.

Technology and Science are not inventions of the patriarchy. The understanding of nature and how to use that understanding to improve our lives was invented by the civilization of the Goddess. This was done as an act of love for the body of the Goddess we inhabit, Gaia.

Because the love of Gaia was the basis for the civilization of the Goddess, the 'original sin' of the patriarchs was to spurn this love, by declaring that the body of Gaia, our wide-hipped Mother, was theirs to ravage and plunder.

When the patriarchy seized technology and purged it of love, the first thing they did was invent warfare, so that they could take from the innocent, and accumulate wealth and power.

Unless you love what you do, your life will be empty of pleasure and you will be burdened on the path of the Goddess. This is the principle of creative love. A thing made without love is a hollow shadow.

Unless you pay fair recompense for labor, the Goddess will shun your enterprise. Labor must have voice in the counsels of the workplace. Trade which exploits one of the parties in the transaction, or which plunders Gaia's body, will lead to disaster and ruin for all involved.

Unless we love the Earth and learn to live in balance, She will scourge our civilization like She has done before and will do again. Gaia is not dependent on humanity for existence; we do not own Her and we are not her shepherd. She existed long before humans walked on the Earth. She has Her own cycles and balances, and if we continue on the path of unbalance, we are expendable.

The mantra of Gaia (time of day: noon): "Blessed Gaia, our first and best home, Gaia of the green hills and wide plains, Gaia of the ocean depths. I walk in beauty. I walk in peace. I walk in balance on the path of the Goddess. Blessed be."

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